What Is The Overall Programme of Life And How Do You Contribute To It?

Throughout this series on self-esteem, I have continued to make mention of the overall programme of life. 

What exactly is this overall programme of life, and if you have a place in it, what exactly is your place?

The overall programme of life is the purpose for which everything that exists currently exists.

Whether you believe it or not, everyone and everything you see around you is serving a purpose, or at least was created to serve a purpose, and the purpose which every individual creation is serving, all sums up to achieve one single bigger purpose.

To streamline our study, first, it should be understood that every creation exists for humans. That is, the fishes, the birds, the climate, rocks and every other thing that exists, both living and nonliving, all help humans in fulfilling their unique purpose.

Also, every other creature has a limited scope of choice as to what to do with its existence. Fishes and goats, unlike humans, cannot choose to change their habitat and live in the air. 

So somehow their roles in that overall purpose are certain to be played since they always function as they were created to function. 

Humans, on the other hand, because of our ability to choose, can easily sway out of that purpose. 

So the big question is, since everything is working for us to achieve our purpose, what then is our purpose? What is the big assignment that generations of humans are working to fulfill? 

The overall programme of life as it relates to humans can be summarised in two words: Dominion and Reconciliation.

I know this may sound like two idle words but if you work with me through this journey, you will agree that this is the big picture every human’s existence is aiming to achieve or was meant to achieve, and you will also find your significant role in this picture.

Understanding this will give you your life a sense of purpose instantaneously.

Spoiler alert! This might not be the regular readings you are used to. It may require you have massive mindset shifts but if you adapt to it, your life will take on a new meaning in peace, growth, and satisfaction (no sweet words)

God is the creator of all and He gave every creation a place in His own purpose. So the purpose of man is the purpose of God. What then is God’s purpose? 

Before God created man, He created the entire universe the way it pleased Him. Then He created man to be in control of everything so it would please Him even more. 

(Man means humanity in general; both males and females) 

This control over all the affairs of the Earth is man’s first purpose, DOMINION. 

A simple proof that man is created to have Dominion is the fact that no one wants to be subjected. Every human has in them the innate desire to be in control of life. 

This further clarifies that man was not created to dominate other men. Every single human was created to dominate the earth and one man’s dominion over another man hinders the other one from fulfilling his purpose and is malfunctioning on the part of the dominating one. 

Anarchy and tyranny are all abuse of the unique nature of dominion in humans. But what is this dominion over the earth meant to achieve?

The Dominion Mandate

God is a king– a ruler over a kingdom and like every king, he takes pleasure in bringing other territories under His control. 

It is this desire that brought the idea of earth and man. God was in total control over heaven and He wanted to extend His reign to another territory. That’s why He created the earth. 

Like Nations send colonial Masters to bring other territories under their governance, God created man and put his nature into man for man to rule the Earth on behalf of God.

Man is therefore here on earth to represent God’s Dominion over the earth. The primary assignment originally designed for man can be summarised in these sentences:

  • Be in charge of the earth like God is in charge of heaven 
  • Manage the affairs of the Earth; make sure everything is in order, advancing, and stable 
  • Be in control of the Earth and never let it control you 
  • Use the Earth and its resources to achieve your desires which are God’s desires built into you 
  • Take possession of the Earth and make it better
  • Give birth to and train more people who will be like you and let them take over every other part of the Earth till it is as you want, best suited for you.
  • Let everyone be in charge of their life 
  • Represent God’s nature: the wholeness, rest, and total control He has in heaven

This and only this was the original purpose for which man was created. It is not so much of the so much we are doing today because, along the line, things got messed up. 

Firstly when man lost the nature of God, the nature of Dominion, then when he lost that purpose.

We then began to have everything we see that does not align with that purpose. 

This became our new state after we lost that purpose:

  • We are no longer like God 
  • The Earth is not  in total order and stability 
  • The Earth is controlling man (think of alcohol and hard drugs) 
  • Man’s desire and no longer God’s desires 
  • The new people given birth to are not like the original was 
  • Not everyone is in charge of their life 
  • Not every part of the Earth has been possessed, modified, and made suited for man 
  • We don’t have the wholeness, rest, and total control God has in heaven

This then brought about the second aspect of the overall programme of life, the Reconciliation Agenda

The Reconciliation Agenda

Just like the word suggests, the reconciliation agenda is aimed at bringing man back to that original purpose for which he was created— bringing man back the nature of God, the position of authority and total control over the circumstances of life, and putting him back into the assignment of taking possession of the Earth and making it better.

This is the sole reason why Jesus Christ came. He never came to institute a religion or teach some set of rituals. He came primarily to restore man to dominion (Dominion Mandate). 

The Bible clearly states that when Jesus started his work on Earth,…

“From that time on Jesus began to preach, ‘Repent for the kingdom of heaven is here.’ “

Notice that what he was introducing was a kingdom, the kingdom man lost. Kingdom simply means a domain over which a king rules. 

Jesus was asking everyone to change their thinking patterns (repent) because rulership is back. Instead of being subjected to religious rules, He was saying, “it is time to rule. It is time to be in charge of your life!” 

But that can only happen when the nature of God is restored to you and you remain in a relationship with Him. 

“The goal of God is not religion but rulership through relationship” – Dr. Myles Munroe 

So right from the time when Jesus began teaching up until now, the program of life is the restoration of man to rulership through relationship.

Any human who is not supporting this purpose in some way is not allowing their importance to manifest.

What Is Your Place In This Overall Program Of Life?

To understand how you fit into this overall purpose of life, you must first understand the nature of humans in general. 

Humans were created with specific abilities and personalities that are suited for the unique contribution they are to make towards the program of life. 

This means what you should be doing is something you would do naturally because of your design. However, the difference between what you would naturally do and fulfilling the purpose you have to play in the overall programme of life is the aim you seek to achieve through what you do.

To fulfill your purpose, you are to serve the purpose of God in the area of your gifting. What this means is that you use your abilities and personality to work for the restoration of man to the Dominion Mandate (as itemized in the tenets of the Dominion Mandate above.) 

For this to happen, these two aspects must be covered:

  • You must first be restored as a person to the tenets of the Dominion Mandate 
  • You must consciously channel your potential (what you can do) and resources to restore others to these tenets.

However, all the tenets of the Dominion Mandate hinge on becoming like God once again. Once we get back the nature of God, we can then begin to live out all the other tenets that spring out from that nature. 

To become like God again, all you need to do is to receive Christ into your heart by simply believing. See How

How Does This Affect Your Worth?

Now you need to understand that God is counting on you to make the world what He planned. He thinks you are worthy. He thinks you are capable.

He is committing the fate of His agenda to your hands because He trusts what He has made into you and what He has made you into.

No matter how little your ability is, no matter how little the contribution you are making is, it plays a vital role whose absence can hinder God’s plan.

That’s how valuable you are! 

If you can think of an aircraft crashing because of one loosely tied bolt, you can understand how valuable you are to the world. 

God counts on you. This should eliminate your comparison with others.

Your contribution to the world through your potential, no matter how little or large it is, plays a vital and significant role that the plan of God depends on. 

That’s how valuable you are. That is your true self-esteem.

Now, learn How To Discover & Release Your Gifts And Potential And Contribute To The Program of Life

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