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What Is The Message of The Kingdom? by Dr Myles Munroe

  • The Bible is a book about a king, his Kingdom, and his royal children 
  • The kingdom concept is the foundation of all scripture; without it, you will not understand and apply the Bible correctly 
  • God is King over Heaven and every king seeks to extend his territory 
  • God created the earth to extend His territory and reign 
  • He sent men as kings over the earth to colonize the earth
  • God’s priority is that you understand the kingdom and seek to stand in alignment with the government. 
  • The kingdom is not a religion. Religion is not God’s idea and it is anti-God.

Understanding the Kingdom Concept

God is a king. He is the first king that ever existed and the territory over which He reigns is Heaven. But it is the glory of every king to extend their reign and territory. God created the earth to extend His reign and territory and then He sent man to be king over the earth in His stead. Humans are kings over the Earth; this is what makes God King of kings. 

The strategy of extending the reign of any king is colonization and colonization means bringing a territory under the influence of a king and permeating it with the culture of the kingdom. So we humans are sent to bring the entire Earth under the influence of God and fill it with the culture of God.

God created the ideal environment He wanted on Earth in Eden and man was to make the entire Earth look like Eden but man fell and God took away Eden, the typical atmosphere of Heaven.

What is the Bible in the Kingdom?

The Bible is a Book about a King, His Kingdom, and His royal children. The kingdom concept is the foundation for all scriptures and if you do not understand the kingdom concept, you cannot understand and apply the Bible correctly because the kingdom concepts are the main subjects throughout the Scriptures.

The concept of the kingdom provides the foundation for understanding the motivation, purpose, plans, promises, and actions of God. 

Jesus Christ came back to restore the kingdom of God, and the only message He preached was the message of the Kingdom. In fact, the first public statement Jesus made was, “Repent, for the Kingdom of God is at hand.” 

To repent means to change your thinking. So He was saying essentially, change your thinking because God’s country has come. 

The Kingdom Vs A Religion

A kingdom is a country, not a religion. Jesus never belonged to or created a religion. Religion is not of God and it is anti-God. In fact, the biggest enemy of the Kingdom is religion because it attempts to substitute for the Kingdom. This was why the people who hated Jesus the most were the religious people of His days, not sinners.

A kingdom is the governing influence of a king over his territory, impacting the territory with his will, purpose, and intention, producing a citizenry of people who express his culture and reflect his nature. 

A kingdom is centered on a king. It is not a republic or democracy, meaning the king is not voted in and cannot be voted out. The king owns the country, its resources, and the people. Whatever the king says in a territory becomes the law and cannot be legislated. 

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Religion, on the other hand, is the worship of a deity through a set of beliefs expressed through a set of rituals, customs, and rites, creating a sectarian distinction (a sect) or a unique group of people.

  • A religion deals on rites; a kingdom deals on rights
  • A religion has members; a kingdom has citizens
  • Religion produces a system of rules; a kingdom produces a culture or natural lifestyle
  • In religion you appease your god with gifts to get things; in a kingdom, you demand things because you are a citizen who has rights.

What is God’s Priority in the Kingdom?

Therefore, God’s priority for us is that we understand the Kingdom concept, the King, the Kingdom, and how it operates. Then, seek to stand in alignment with the governing laws of the kingdom. Once you can do this, every other thing you need will be added to you (Matthew 6:33).

Just like you enjoy all your rights in your earthly country as long as you are not living in opposition to any of the laws of the nation, once you understand the Kingdom of God and seek to remain in right standing with the Government, you will be provided with everything you need because they are your rights. 

The commandments of God, as we find in the Bible, are our cultural norms as citizens of God’s Kingdom— we should do them naturally. If you are obeying God’s law under compulsion, you are still religious. You should love your enemies naturally because that is the culture of your Kingdom, not because “God said so.” 

Once you can understand this concept of the Kingdom, you will understand everything in the Bible with an accurate perspective. This message of the Kingdom that Jesus Christ preached is the only thing He instructed us to preach, not the Cross, prosperity, faith, rapture, and so on. The gospel is the message of the kingdom (not, the Cross)— telling the world that God’s Kingdom is here and they can now become citizens.

How To Enter Into The Kingdom Of God

Unlike a democracy or Republic where the citizens choose to be citizens of the country, in a Kingdom the King chooses who he wants to be citizens of his country. So, God alone can choose who He wants to be His citizens but that does not mean entry into God’s Kingdom is solely dependent on God. Jesus said, “many are called but few are chosen” (Matthew 22:14). 

God has sent out a call to citizenship to every single person on Earth and whoever responds to His call He will choose. Unfortunately, only a few respond and He chooses only those few. God chooses but He will only choose you when you respond to His invitation.


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