Purpose and Power of Prayer by Dr. Myles Munroe PDF Summary

Dr. Myles Munroe started the book Understanding the Purpose and Power of Prayer by explaining how although prayer is the only activity that every single religion of the world has in common, it is the most misunderstood concept, at least for Christians based on God’s original idea and design of how prayer should work.

To cultivate a lifestyle of prayer and pray effectively, every Christian must first understand why they must pray, then understand the principles of prayer: how they should pray.

What is Prayer by Myles Munroe

According to Dr. Myles Munroe, Prayer is man giving God the legal right and permission to interfere in earth’s affairs. Prayer is man giving heaven earthly license to influence earth. Prayer is a terrestrial license for celestial interference. Prayer is man exercising his legal authority on earth to invoke heaven’s influence on the planet.

Prayer is not just an activity, a ritual, or an obligation. Nor is it begging God to do what we want Him to do. It is communion and communication with God that touches His heart. When you understand the principles of the art of prayer, you will begin to communicate with God with power, grace, and confidence

Purpose of Prayer by Myles Munroe

To understand the purpose of prayer you must understand these basic truths

1. Man is in control of the earth

During the creation of man, God said, “Let us make man like us and let him have dominion over the earth.” So we see that man’s assignment on earth is to extend the rulership and dominion God has in heaven to earth. Man is primarily dominating the earth on behalf of God or representing God as the King of the earth. Man is in charge of the earth because God has put him so.

2. Man cannot function without God, his Source

The source of every creation is its sustainer. When God was creating man, He spoke to Himself. Man came out of the being of God and was created like God. Just like the fish must stay in the water, its source, to continue to live, man must stay in God to continue to live and function.

This means man cannot dominate the earth without God. Man’s dominion on earth is an extension of God’s dominion so it must be exercised with the power and influence of God.

3. God will not act on the earth until man invites Him

Every action taken by God in the earthly realm required and still requires the involvement of a human being. To rescue humanity in the flood, He needed Noah. For the creation of a nation, He needed Abraham. To lead the nation of Israel, He needed Moses. To bring back Israel from captivity, He needed Daniel. To defeat Jericho, He needed Joshua. For the preservation of the Hebrews, He needed Esther. For the salvation of mankind, He needed to become a man.

This is because man’s dominion over the earth is an absolute one. God is not holding back any authority over earth outside man. Man is the only authorised channel by which God can act on earth because of what He did in point 1 above.

4. Prayer is therefore the platform for inviting God to earth

You can now understand the first definition of prayer. Prayer is man giving God the legal right and permission to interfere in earth’s affairs. Prayer is man giving heaven earthly license to influence earth. Prayer is a terrestrial license for celestial interference. Prayer is man exercising his legal authority on earth to invoke heaven’s influence on the planet.

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12 Steps On How to Pray Effectively by Myles Munroe

1. Become Silent

Be still, and gather yourself. If your spirit, body, mind, and emotions are separated, then you will be unable to pray God’s will with singleness of purpose. Silence helps bring you into unity with God.

2. Give Adoration

Worship God for who He is: King of all the earth, your Creator, your Saviour, your All in All.

3. Make Confession

Agree with God about what He says to you and about you. Don’t dwell on past sins but obey God immediately when He shows you that you are wrong.

4. Give Thanks

Offer sacrifices of praise to God with a free heart for all that He has done for you.

5. Make Supplication

As God shows you what He desires, wholeheartedly agree with Him in prayer to fulfill His will.

6. Specify Petitions and Requests

When you ask God to do something for you, bring evidence relevant to the case— in the form of God’s will and Word—through specific, intentional communication.

7. Secure the Promises

When you petition the Lord, take God’s promises before Him, applying them to the specific request you are making. Then hold onto God’s promises.

8. Plead the Case

Don’t beg or moan before God, but pray intelligently because you rightfully deserve the answer based on God’s promises.

9. Believe

Believe right at the time you are asking that you have the answer to your request, and you will receive it.

10. Give Thanks

Thank God for what you don’t yet see because you believe it is already done.

11. Live in Expectation

Anticipate the answers to your prayers by preparing the way for them.

12. Practice Active Belief

Don’t stop after you have prayed. Get up and look for what you asked for. If you seek and knock, it will come to pass.

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10 Keys and Principles for Prayer by Myles Munroe 

To enter into the presence of God, there are certain preparations you must make as found in the Scriptures. They include

1. Appropriate God’s Grace

Acknowledge God’s holiness, turn away from your sins, and be cleansed through the blood of Christ.

2. Put on Righteousness

Appropriate the righteousness of Christ through faith. Live in that righteousness, doing what is right by keeping in step with the Spirit.

3. Put On Truth and Honesty

Be transparent and clean before the Lord, desiring truth in the innermost parts and living with integrity.

4. Cleanse Yourself with the Word

Before you come before God, make sure that you’ve read the Word, that the Word is in you, and that you are obeying the Word.

5. Worship and Praise God

Honor and worship God in spirit and truth acknowledging Him as your All in All.

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6. Separate Yourself

Remove yourself from your normal environment, activities, and distractions. Find the place in God where He meets you by coming to Him with the right heart, attitude, and motives.

7. Believe

Have faith in God’s power to do what He has promised and in the effectiveness of Christ’s sacrifice.

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8. Give God the Glory

Confess that God is the One who accomplished your atonement, forgiveness, and reconciliation with Him, and is worthy to be praised. Give to others out of the abundance God has given you.

9. Wash in the Word

Ask God to fulfill His purposes based on His will and the promises in His Word.

10. Remain in the Anointing

Remain in a state of preparedness for prayer. Honor the Lord by reflecting His nature and character in your life.

The Power of Prayer by Myles Munroe

There are three forces that give power to our prayer. They are:

  • The Word of God (God is only committed to answering prayers that are in line with his word)
  • The Name of Jesus (not by mere pronouncing the name but using the identity of Christ in faith)
  • The power of fasting (see how Dr Myles Munroe taught us to fast here)

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