The Kingdom Culture of Worship by Dr. Myles Munroe

Purpose and Power of Praise and Worship by Myles Munroe PDF Summary

  • Every human is designed to worship
  • Worship is only reserved for kingdoms
  • The lordship of kings is what makes worship natural
  • Worship benefits the worshiper, not the King — its gains the king’s favor
  • Worship is the acknowledgement of the lordship of God
  • You can only truly worship God when you know Him 
  • A song is only a means of worship, not the end
  • Any other worship other than to God is idolatry
  • Power flow is in credit transfer.

By design, God created every human to worship. This is because He wants to receive worship from us, so He has built that function into us. So even when you do not worship God, you must always worship something. This being said, worship is reserved for kingdoms. It is a natural culture of all kingdoms to worship.

What is Worship by Myles Munroe?

Worship is acknowledgement of the lordship of the King. The word lord simply means owner. In a kingdom, the King owns everyone and everything in the kingdom. So every resource every citizen of the kingdom makes use of is the property of the King and the citizen must acknowledge the king for giving them access to that resource. This lordship of God over our lives and His Kingdom is what makes worship natural. 

When you acknowledge Him as the Source, worship begins. Worship is not something you should struggle to do. It should be a lifestyle, but you cannot worship God if you do not know Him because your worship is dependent on what He is worth to you. 

The more a thing is worth to you, the more you will worship it. If you do not see the worth of God as Lord, you will continue to struggle to worship. So God takes us through crises so we can know and experience Him more and worship Him more naturally.

Since worship is natural to humans and you naturally worship what you know and find worthy, you can easily slip into idolatry. Idolatry is not just bowing down to graven images or special gods, but giving the attention and devotion you are to give to God to something else or any other person. 

Meaning, if your million-dollar car is taking your attention and time more than God, you are worshiping it and it has become an idol. It can be anything else, your boyfriend, your favorite TV show, or a career. So you must continue to monitor your life for who is receiving your worship and what has your heart.

Medium of Worship

Worship is giving to God whatever He asks of you because you acknowledge his lordship. Submission to God’s lordship means you have no right to yourself. If the owner of a substance requires it from you, you should not hesitate to give it to them. 

Refusal to surrender to God anything He requires — your time, your food, your money, your ego or reputation — is proof you do not acknowledge the lordship of God.

A song is only one of the things God requires of us. You sing to show God your appreciation for allowing you to use His resources and giving you everything you own and have. Your job, your ministry, your spouse, children, intelligence, and voice all come from God and He can take them at any time. Singing appreciation for all this is worship. 

Now, when a song (a means of worship) becomes more important than worship itself (acknowledging God) that is idolatry again. You should not place more worth on the song you are singing, how you sound, how well your dance flows and what people think than on God Himself. 

There is nothing more wasteful of time, energy and resources than making the means more important than the end. The moment you prioritize the acts of worship over God, He no longer receives the worship; you are simply entertaining yourself or wasting your energy. 

At every point in your life, ensure that God is at the center and you are ascribing the glory for everything in your life to Him both the good things and “bad” things.

Worship Opens Up The Door Of Power

When you worship God His power flows through you. When He sees that you acknowledge Him for everything, He allows more of His resources and abilities to manifest through you but the moment you begin to take the glory and see your skills, intelligence or gift as behind the works, He withdraws His power. 

There is nothing wrong with people praising you, but you should not receive it. Instead, as the praises come, you should transfer them to the Owner. That is what secures and sustains the power. The power flow is in credit transfer. But worship does not benefit God. It benefits you as a worshiper. it attracts the favor of the King to you.

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