Purpose and Power of Men by Dr. Myles Munroe PDF Summary 

When God created “man” in the beginning, what He created was the spirit-man. It is the spirit-man that is made in the image of God. The spirit-man has no gender. To fulfill His eternal purposes, God used two physical forms to express the spiritual being made in His image—male and female.

Man Was Created and Male Was Made. The Bible says God created man (the spirit man) and made them male and female. The Greek word translated “created” is “Bara” meaning to form out of nothing, while the word translated “made” is “asah” meaning to form out of something.

Therefore, whether you are male or female, the person who lives inside you—the essential you—is the spirit-man.  Although males and females have differences, they are of the same essence.

Since human beings fellowship with God and worship Him through their spirits, this means that men and women both have direct spiritual access to God and are individually responsible to Him.

The Male’s Priority

That being said, when God made the two physical forms of males and females, he made the male first. By making the male first, He wasn‘t saying that the male is more important than the female. He was saying that the male has a specific responsibility. He has a purpose to fulfill that is just like the foundation.

We often say that the family is the foundation of society but it is the males that are the foundation of society. God didn’t create a family first. He created a male that formed a family. So the strength of every society is determined by the strength of its men.

If the men do not take their rightful place based on God’s design, families would be displaced and societies destroyed.

Now, even though the foundation is important, it‘s not more important than the other parts of the building. The foundation can‘t perform all the functions itself.

The Male’s Position 

The next important fact to pay attention to in God’s making of the male is the position where He was placed. Man was placed in the Garden of Eden. The garden of Eden reveals the characteristics of the ideal environment where men can thrive.

  • Eden was a place of open access and continual fellowship with God; men can only thrive when they continually dwell in God’s presence (having heaven on earth experience)
  • Eden was God’s training ground for man. Although his assignment was to dominate the whole earth, he was put in a garden, a small portion to prepare him for something bigger. You must remain within the scope of what you’re qualified for while you build capacity for all God has prepared for you. 

The Male’s Assignment 

The next key aspect of males is their assignment. Assignment deals with roles and responsibilities that have been committed to a person. God was very clear about the roles he expected Adam to play and that still applies to us today because God’s purposes are eternal. The assignments of men are their purpose and they’re highlighted below.

6 Purposes of Men Dr. Myles Munroe

The male‘s assignment revealed six specific purposes that God created man to fulfill. A man is to be a

  1. A visionary
  2. A leader
  3. A teacher
  4. A cultivator
  5. A provider, and
  6. A protector 

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10 Keys To Become A Real Man by Dr. Myles Munroe

  1. A Real Man Desires and Loves God and His Presence
  2. A Real Man Seeks to Restore God’s Image in Himself
  3. A Real Man Aspires to Work and Develop His Gifts  and Talents
  4. A Real Man Honors His Marriage and Family above Personal Interest
  5. A Real Man Endeavors to Learn, Live, and Teach God’s Word and Principles
  6. A Real Man Demonstrates Faith and Inspires It in Others
  7. A Real Man Is Committed to Cultivating Others to Be the Best They Can Be
  8. A Real Man Loves Compassion, Mercy, and Justice
  9. A Real Man Is Faithful and Loyal to the Kingdom of God and His Mission, the Church
  10. A Real Man Keeps Himself in God 

11 Qualities of A Good Father by Dr. Myles Munroe 

One of the cardinal roles of males is fatherhood. Every man is a father not by giving birth to a child but by divine design. I have explained the principles of males and fatherhood by Dr. Myles Munroe in this article.

A good father—

  1. Knows the heavenly Father and represents God to his children.
  2. Loves the mother of his children.
  3. Loves his children.
  4. Is responsible for his children.
  5. Teaches and instructs his children.
  6. Trains and disciplines his children.
  7. Encourages his children.
  8. Comforts his children.
  9. Warns his children.
  10. Does not provoke his children.
  11. Leaves a strong spiritual legacy for his children 

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