Most Popular Quotes by Olusegun Iyejare [With Pictures]

1. Compulsion is not leadership— it is tyranny.

Learn more about leadership.

2. Your work woudn’t always be worthy, but you are always worthy

Learn more about measuring your worth.

3. Ultimately your environment create you; fortunately, you create your environment.

4. Work because you can and you should, not because you want to show you can

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5. It’s not the job of the environment to remind you of how valuable you are. It’s totally up to you.

Learn more about mastering affirmations and building your self-esteem.

6. The success mentality succeeds despite failure, not without failure.

7. Vision chooses relationships for the visionary.

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8. Sticking to your goals doesn’t bring success; sticking to the process does.

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9. Daily you have to make the decision to either please everyone or go to your destiny

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10. Distractions don’t stop you from being preoccupied with your goals. It is not being preoccupied with your goals that opens you up to distractions.

11. The biggest hindrance to effective time management is not having a list of your activities clearly stated.

12. Sometimes, people should be loyal enough to admit that their loss of interest in the job is causing the company or organisation a loss. They should be loyal enough to leave.

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