Congratulations on starting your journey to live the Kingdom Life experiencially.

God promised you will find him when you seek Him with all your heart (Jeremiah 29:13). Ensure you commit your heart to this and expect encounters with God.

Your life is about to change. It has happened for several others and yours cannot be an exception.

So you can always have it handy, here is the link to all resources in the bundle: MMW Bundle

Here is the link to your bonus— the library of Myles Munroe books (45 in total): Library

These two links are the fastest route to access your mentorship materials. Alternatively you can use the download buttons below for the MMW Bundle resources. If any of the download links are having issues on your device, kindly result to the links above or contact our support team.

PS: We do not resell Dr. Myles Munroe’s books. These books are already available on public domain. We only curated them in a single folder for easy access. Also, you are only permitted to read them and NOT print them.

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God bless you ❤️