Let Dr. Myles Munroe Mentor You On The Kingdom Life in 2024!!!

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What If I Told You I Would Totally Hand Over To You Every Single Note, Study Guide, Workbook, And Guide Book From My Mentorship Under Dr. Myles Munroe?

What If I Told You That You Now Have ABSOLUTE ACCESS With UNRESTRAINED LIBERTY To The Very Source Of All The Over 100 Teachings Of Dr. Myles Munroe On This Website?

Well, That Is Exactly What I Want To Do If You Will Let Me.

Instead Of Letting You Read Only What I Highlight On This Website,…

For The First Time Ever, I Want To Deliver Right In Your Hands ALL The Mentorship Resources, The Video Playlists, And Several Dynamic Learning Tools From Dr. Myles Munroe That Trained Me. FOR THE PRICE OF A PAIR OF SHOES!

With This Direct Access To The Source, You Can Speed Up Your Growth Without Relying on Any Person.

You Can Do Absolutely Anything You Want With Them, You Can Use Them Whenever And Wherever You Want,

You Can Even Use Them To Teach Other People The Message Of The Kingdom Like You Have Always Wanted To.

Jesus said, “but whosoever shall do and TEACH them, the same shall be called great in the kingdom of heaven” Matthew 5:19

Before You Take Home the Over $1,000 Worth of Mentorship Materials, Read This Short Story…

Coming From A Third World and Underdeveloped Country, There Was No Assistance or Hope For Any Future For Me (Despite The Fact I Was Already A Christian)

Amid That Hopelessness, Someone Gave Me A Gift of One Dr. Myles Munroe’s Book And I Was Hooked!

For The First Time, I Saw Something Brighter And More Promising Than My Environment… I Saw Hope!

And I Went All Out For It…

Within 1 Year Of Reading Dr. Myles Munroe’s Books And Listening To His Teachings, My Life Drastically Transformed And My Influence Grew Even As A 16 Year Old Then.

But That Was Just The Beginning.

I Discovered Purpose, Discovered The Kingdom, And Became Extremely Valuable

But I Didn’t Stop… I Have Since Spent Every Year Of My Life Under Mentorship From Dr. Myles Munroe.

Then I Began Teaching Those Principles To Others And The Results Were The Same And Jaw Dropping. But I Know There Are Only So Many People I Can Reach In Person…

So I Started This Website Sharing The Same Message. But There’s Still Only So Much That Can Be Released Here Because Of Several Technical Limitations.

So After Lengthy Hours and Months of Brainstorming and Praying and Researching… I Came Up With A Solution…

With So Much Excitement, I Want To Proudly Present To You…

The Myles Munroe Way Bundle

✓ The Full 100+ Page eBook With In-depth Exposition on Everything People Are Dying To Know About The Kingdom, Leadership, Purpose, Prayer, Influence, Success & SO MUCH MORE!

✓ The Handy and Concise Dictionary Showing You Exactly How Dr. Myles Munroe Defines All The Concepts of The Kingdom, So You Can Easily Make Them Yours in Seconds.

✓ The Fully Accessible .pdf File Containing 1,000 Heart Piercing and Thought Provoking Quotes from Dr. Myles Munroe You Can Easily Copy, Paste & Make Your Teachings Striking and Memorable

✓ The Complete Playlist of the Best YouTube Videos of Dr. Myles MunroeSo You Don’t Spend Years Aimlessly Scrolling the Internet.

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What Exactly Is In This Bundle?

*Total Value: $49.99**

The Main Ebook, The Myles Munroe Way, Reveals To You…

✓ The Simple and Actionable Steps You Can Take To Discover the EXACT Purpose of God For Your Life TODAY!

✓ The Message of the Kingdom So Simplified That Even A Dummy Can Understand

✓ The 6 Failure-Proof Roadmaps To Maximise ALL Your Potential And Die EMPTY

The ONLY Enemy Devouring Your Wealth After You Pay Your Tithe

✓ How To Live Naturally Like Jesus In A Secular World As If Temptations Do Not Exist

✓ How to Get Into Intimate Power and Manifestation With the Holy Spirit WITHOUT Acting Phony or “DEEP”

✓ The Uncovered Pathway to Become GLOBALLY Relevant From A Third World Country

✓ The Roadmap To Operate In Government and Corporate Positions of Authority As A CHRISTIAN

✓ The 2 Secret Keys To Repeatedly Influence ANY Generation Again And Again That the World Is Using Against Us

✓ The UNBEATABLE Understanding To Maintain Your Character When Everyone Around You is Corrupt

✓ The 4 BIBLICAL Secrets Steve Jobs Stole To Turn Apple Into A Multi-billion Dollar Business

If You Order Right Now You Also Get…

Lifetime Access To My Entire E-library of Dr. Myles Munroe Books (35 Books In Total)

*Total Value: $525.99*

Never Be Stock Not Having Books To Read To Increase Your Depth And Understanding, And Even Teach The Kingdom Better

Save Over $500 From Purchasing Individual Books On The Kingdom, Marriage, Leadership, Purpose, Prayer and SO MUCH MORE!!!

Including International Best Sellers on The Kingdom Like Kingdom Principles, Rediscovering The Kingdom & Applying The Kingdom

✓ Easily Download Them On Any Device You Want And Use Them Anywhere You Like

✓ Get Lifetime Access To My Drive Folder So You Can Easily Come Back To Any Book Whenever You Are Ready Or Need Them


When You Purchase Your Myles Munroe Way Bundle Now!

This Bundle Comes With Several Life Altering Bonuses That Can Kickstart and Accelerate Your Life.

Bonus 1: The Successful Life Checklist, Calculator, and Worksheet🎯

*Total Value: $39.99*

Tired of ALWAYS Wondering If You Are On The Right Path To A Successful Life?

✓ With The Successful Life Checklist You Can Simply Lie On Your Couch And Predict How Successful Your Life Will Be, Following The Immutable Principles That Bring Success in Life

✓ You Also Get Actionable Steps To Take You Back On The Failure-Proof Way to Success In Life In Case You Mistakenly Drifted Off


When You Purchase Your Myles Munroe Way Bundle Now!

Exclusive Access: The Purpose Discovery Workbook 🔍

*Total Value: $39.99*

DISCOVER The Exact Purpose For Which You Were Created With Simple Questions You Can Answer Without Thinking

✓ Get Full Assurance Which Direction To Go With Your Life That Will Make You Satisfied And Please God

✓ You Now Possess The Right Tool To Help The People You Love Discover Their Purpose And Live Happy!


When You Purchase Your Myles Munroe Way Bundle Now!

Bonus 3: The Myles Munroe Glossary 📖

**Total Value: $39.99*

It Contains Over 100 Definitions From Dr. Myles Munroe On Basic Concepts Of Life And The Kingdom I Have Curated For Over 6 Years…

No Longer Will You Have To Worry About Understanding the Bible and the Principles of Life or the Kingdom…

No Longer Will You Continue Defining Your Life With The Definitions Of The World!

✓ For Example, Love Is Not An Emotion Of Strong Liking — It Is A Choice To Commit To Someone And Expect Nothing In Return.

✓ You Now Have All Of These Mind-Shifting Definitions Always With You And Can Easily Refer To Them Anytime You Want


When You Purchase Your Myles Munroe Way Bundle Now!

Bonus 4: 1,000 Antique Quotes From Dr. Myles Munroe 💭💭

**Total Value: $39.99*

There Are So Many Principles That It Is Difficult To Remember All of Them But With This Compilation of Striking Quotes, You Can Simply Have Handy Statements To Guide You Through Life

Very Easy To Remember Wise and Powerful Quotes That Will Guard Your Mind Whenever Challenges Arise

✓ Have An Endless Pool of Heart Piercing Statements To Make Your Words and Teaching Memorable

✓ Use Them As Daily Food For Thought And Have Your Mind Always Filled With The Truth And Your Life Pleasing To God For The Next 3 Years and More

✓ Be Listened To As A True Authority When You Speak Because Your Words Are Filled With So Much Depth, Experience, and Wisdom

Bonus 5: The Myles Munroe Way Beginners Guide to Money Making 💸💸

*Total Value: $39.99**

It Is God’s Good Desire That You Live In Financial Abundance. But He Doesn’t Throw Down Money From Heaven, He Shows Us The Principles To Make Manage And Multiply Money.

✓ If You Are Like Me Who Have Only Worked On A Job And Never Made and Multiplied Personal Money, This Ebook Is Your Only Need

✓ Discover The Biblical And Immutable Principle You Can Apply And Start Making Money This Week

This Is No Business Opportunity or Ponzi SchemeThey Are The Principles of Money You Can Use In Any Business or Career Path

✓ Get The Financial Liberty To Live The Life of Your Dreams, Spend Time With People Your Love and Promote God’s Kingdom


When You Purchase Your Myles Munroe Way Bundle Now!

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Here Is All You Are Getting Right Now

A Total Offer VALUE of Over


Pay Today: $729.99 97.99

Due To Recent Global Events, I Have Decided To Offer The Myles Munroe Way Bundle For Over 90% OFF To A Limited number of People…!!!

Ending Soon Price

Right Now ONLY


Upon Checkout You Will Be Immediately Redirected To The Portal Where You Will Have All Your Materials And Bonuses Waiting For You To Access And Download INSTANTLY!

This Is My Contribution To Your Growth And Effectiveness In The Kingdom

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Before You Let Today Pass, I Want You To Take A Look At Your Life And Ask Yourself…

How Much More IMPACT Will You Make And How Much HAPPIER Will You Be If You…

Don’t Have To Worry About What To Study For The NEXT 6 MONTHS – 1 YEAR?

✓ Understand How To Turn Your Unrepentant Colleagues And Families You Love To Christ And Face ZERO RESISTANCE While Preaching The Gospel?

✓ Get The Keys To STOP BEGGING God For Things And Start Making Powerful Demands That Must Be Answered?

✓ Know Exactly How To Become A POWERFUL Kingdom Leader Even If NO ONE EVER Listened To You Before?

✓ Get The Secret Key To SIPHON Heaven’s Resources Which Are Already Yours And Live WEALTHY While MAINTAINING Your Walk With God?

✓ DISCOVER How To Successfully Overcome ALL The Crisis Targeted At Crushing Your Life & Secure/Retain God’s Presence In Your Daily Life?

You Are In A Safe Place. You Are Not Taking Any Risk…

We Provide A 6 Months Full Money Back Guarantee. If After Making Payments, We Do Not Deliver On Our Promise, You Can Always Come Back Within 6 Months After Payment And You Will Get A Full Refund.

Yes, You Will Still Get All Your Money Returned To You, Even 6 Months Later, If You Don’t Get Any Bit Of What We Promised. This Money Back Guarantee Is FULLY Backed With Assurance As Seen On Our Policy Page.

In Addition, To Apologize For Wasting Your Time, We Will Ship Our Premium “Done With Junk Life” T-shirt (black) Worth $60 Right To Your Home and Still Allow You To Keep The Entire Bundle to Yourself.


That’s How Much We Back Our Word.

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So What Are Waiting For…?

You Have Just Been Offered The PROVEN TOOLS To Change The Trajectory of Your Life.

RIGHT NOW, The Only Thing Standing Between You And The Life Of Your DREAMS Is Your Ability to SAY YES.

Don’t Let This Be Another Missed Opportunity You Will Look Back On With Regret, Always Thinking Of, “What might have been…?”

What if RIGHT NOW Is The Moment You Will Look Back On In A Year And Say, “That really was the moment that changed EVERYTHING!”

But Is This Bundle For You?

As Much As It Sounds Exciting, This Bundle is Not For Everyone. If You Fall Into Any Of These Categories, The Myles Munroe Way Bundle Is Not For You:

✓ This Bundle Is NOT For You If You Don’t Want the Stress Of Impacting A Generation. I understand.

✓ It is NOT For You If You Can’t Spare A Few Bucks to Understand The Message Of The Kingdom

✓ It is NOT For You If You Think Dr. Myles Munroe Is A False Teacher Who Taught Unscriptural Principles. There’s No Point.

✓ It Is Not For You If You Are Too Busy With The Activities In Your Life And Don’t Have Time To Spare To Immerse Yourself With The Message Of The Kingdom. It Requires Time Investment.

✓It is NOT For You If You Don’t Find Sense In Paying To Learn The Ways Of God And His Kingdom

But If You Don’t Fall Into Any of The Above Categories, Then There’s No Time To Waste.

Once 100 People Grab This Offer, I Will Pull It Down And Restrict It To Only My Students Again. I Am Pulling It Down Because I Want Only Destiny-Minded People to Get It — People Who Are Craving For Kingdom Value and Are Action Takers

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Don’t Even Trust My Word Yet. See What Others Like You Have To Say…

It’s Your Turn To Experience Kingdom Life…

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Frequently Asked Questions

What will I get from the bundle?

The bundle contains The Myles Munroe Way ebook explaining Myles Munroe’s teaching in a simplified yet original way, you get Lifetime Access to my entire E-library of Myles Munroe books and 5 other bonuses: The Purpose Discovery Workbook, The Successful Life Checklist and Worksheet, Myles Munroe Guide to Money Making, The Myles Munroe Glossary and 1,000 Antique quotes from Dr. Myles Munroe.

What books are contained in the Elibrary?

The Elibrary contains 35 different books from Dr. Myles Munroe including books on the Kingdom, Marriage, Leadership, Purpose, Prayer, The Holy Spirit, Relationships, and several others.

How Can I Use This Bundle?

You can do whatever you want with the bundle. You can transfer them to any device and even print them if you desire. You are only not allowed to resell them.

How long do I have access to this bundle?

You get Lifetime Access to the entire bundle immediately after payment. There are no hidden maintenance fees. In case you lose the files, you can always come back and download them.

How will the library be delivered to me?

All the books are in one cloud storage and the link to the library will be released to you. Anytime you open the link, all the books will always be found and you can download any you want at any time.

How will the bundle be shipped to me?

We have made it easy, you don’t have to worry about shipping because all the resources are digital products. You simply have to download them.

Can I still get the 90% off tomorrow?

Once 100 people get this bundle we will take down the offer and reopen it at $97.99. This first phase is open to only 100 people. This site receives over 3000 visits continuously.

What if I am not satisfied with what I got?

While we are fully sure you will be satisfied with what you get, you don’t have to take any risks. We have a 6 Months Full Money Back Guarantee as seen on our Policy Page. If you don’t get all we promised, you will get your money back in full even 6 months later.

How will the refund T-Shirt be shipped to me?

Just like we said if you don’t get what we promised after purchasing the bundle and you request a refund, we will ask for your home address and you will get your T-shirt within 2 weeks maximum.

Offer ends in:

To Wrap Up, Here’s All You Are Getting Right Now

  • The Myles Munroe Way – $49.99

  • Lifetime Access to my Entire E-library – $525.99

  • Beginners Guide to Money Making – $39.99

  • 1,000 Antique Quotes from Myles Munroe – $39.99

  • The Purpose Discovery Workbook – $39.99

  • The Successful Life Checklist and Worksheet – $39.99

  • The Myles Munroe Glossary – $39.99

Offer ends in: