Best Online Counselling Service in Nigeria 

Light Virtual Haven is a virtual haven for all counseling solutions. They provide professional mental health, relationship and career consultation, and counseling to Nigerians remotely.

They have a team of experienced coaches, counselors, and therapists who readily adapt to clients’ unique needs, personalities, and situations using best-suiting techniques in working with them to reach desired goals, achieve desired improvement, and experience desired change.

All the services of Light Virtual Haven are currently remote and they are focused on providing a situation where clients aren’t deterred from receiving help because of geographical limitations or fear of identity disclosure.

What this means is that you can receive help from the comfort of your home and can choose to withhold your identity even from the counselors if you desire through their Client Identity Protection and Anonymity Scheme (CIPAS).

Even if you choose to disclose your identity to counselors, there are legal provisions set in place to ensure that you receive 100% confidentiality.

Another captivating benefit that comes with the services of Light Virtual Haven is its pricing structure. Light Virtual Haven is more of a helping body than a revenue-generating firm so typically you get coaching, consultation, or therapy for 1/4 of the regular price of equivalent services elsewhere. 

Technically you only pay for the logistics of meeting with the professional, not for the services they offer because all professionals are committed volunteers. This being said you still get the best experience and full attention until your goals are reached.

Being remote, you can be sure that sessions are flexible and fixed based on your availability and schedule. In fact, you can meet with a professional in the evening times if that’s your desire or what your schedule permits.

Light Virtual Haven Services

Services rendered at Light Virtual Haven include

  • Mental health therapy
  • Relationship or couples counseling 
  • Depression intervention 
  • Teen/adolescent counseling
  • Career counseling
  • Individual counseling,
  • Legal services

Light Virtual Haven Contact Details

Contact the chief of operations at Light Virtual Haven at or 08137169049.