Kingdom Vs Religion: 25 Inspiring Myles Munroe Quotes on Kingdom and Religion 

Dr Myles Munroe during his lifetime taught extensively on the subject of the Kingdom revealing that God’s priority is that we understand the Kingdom and how to stand in alignment with it.

I have explained the concept of the kingdom and how it is different from a religion in another article. You can read that here:

Below are 25 inspiring quotes from Dr Myles Munroe on the Kingdom and Religion

Quotes by Myles Munroe on the Kingdom and Religion

1. Religion is the worship of a deity through a set of beliefs expressed through a set of rituals, customs, and rites creating a sectarian distinction and unique group of people

2. The kingdom is not a religion

3. Jesus never joined or created a religion

4. The kingdom concept is the foundation of all scripture. Without it, you will not understand and apply the Bible correctly

5. God’s priority is that you understand the King, the Kingdom and seek to stand in alignment with the demands of the King

6. The centre of a Kingdom is a person, not an organisation

7. A kingdom is the governing influence of a king over a territory impacting it with his will, purpose, and intent, producing a citizenry of people who express his culture and reflect his nature

8. Religion produces a system of rules; a kingdom produces a culture of natural lifestyle

9. What God asks us to do is our cultural norms. We should do them naturally. If we are still under compulsion, we are still religious.

10. Religion is the greatest opposition of the Kingdom because it attempts to substitute for the Kingdom

11. Religion is not of God

12. In a religion, you appease your god with gifts to get things; in a kingdom, you demand things because you are a citizen

13. Members of a religion work on emotions; citizens of a kingdom work on rights

14. You cannot build a kingdom community except a people agree to obey the same laws.

15. The key to living in the Kingdom is submission to laws

16. The kingdom of God is only as effective as our ability to obey laws

17. People everywhere are looking for the Kingdom, even if they don’t recognize it by that name.

18. The Kingdom of God on earth is God’s rulership within the hearts and spirits of believers, and the Kingdom of heaven is when that rulership impacts the human earthly environment.

19. The Kingdom of God is a Kingdom of light, the light of the knowledge of the Lord.

20. God’s original plan in creation was to extend His heavenly Kingdom on earth. God’s purpose was to establish a family of sons, not servants.

21. God’s purpose was to establish a Kingdom of sons, not subjects.

22. God’s purpose was to establish a commonwealth of citizens, not Christians.

23. God’s purpose was to establish relationships, not religion.

24. God’s original purpose and intent was to rule the seen from the unseen through the unseen living in the seen on the scene.

25. The gospel of the Kingdom is good news: a message sent from Daddy to all His children telling them that they can return home to the Kingdom and once again be sons and daughters in their full

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