Kingdom Principle of Management by Myles Munroe (Myles Munroe Quotes on Management)

The primary assignment of man on earth is management. At creation, God gave man a management mandate. After creating everything living and nonliving in the garden, He created man to manage it. He said, let us make man in our own image and let them have dominion (rule over, control, govern and manage) everything we have created.

In fact, Genesis 2:4 tells us that God didn’t allow rain to fall and vegetation to grow in the garden because there was no man to work or manage it.

The Management Mandate

Man’s primary assignment still remains management because Christ came to restore us back to who we were originally in Adam. God still expects us to be effective managers today and our ability to manage affects His response to us.

Effective management is the key to effective kingdom living.

What is Management by Myles Munroe

According to Dr. Myles Munroe, management is the effective, efficient, correct, and timely use of another person’s property and resources for the purpose for which they were delegated with a view to producing the expected added value.

To manage, you must first recognise that the resources you possess do not belong to you. You are only a manager of another person’s resources. 

As it is a characteristic of every kingdom, in the Kingdom of God, no citizen owns anything. Every person and resource is the personal property of God, the King, and the Lord.

Recognising that every resource in your possession belongs to God, you must use it effectively, efficiently, timely, and correctly for the purpose for which it is given and to add value to it.

The primary purpose of resources in God’s Kingdom is to establish God’s Kingdom on Earth. But that is not all to management. You are an effective manager when you improve and add value to everything that comes into your hands.

Principles of Management by Myles Munroe

1. Management is the key to prosperity

God will not give you what you pray for, He will only give you what you can manage. God always withholds His resources from bad management.

As we saw earlier, there was no rain or growth in the garden because there was no management. Management is diligence, effective usage, and adding value to what is in your possession.

Your paycheck will never be enough until you learn effective management. Once you begin to manage effectively (add value, improve), your resources will begin to multiply.

Because management is a principle and principles work without God’s input, God does not need to increase your resources when you manage well. The consequence is built into the principle. Any person that manages well, righteous or unrighteous, will experience increase.

2. Management is the key to promotion

When God starts with every man, He puts him in the custody of another person’s resources to see how well he manages it before He commits to that man his resources.

If you are not faithful in (managing) another man’s resources, God will not give you your own. Before you can start an established business or ministry, you must serve faithfully working in another person’s business or ministry. 

Myles Munroe defines “true riches” as people. You must show faithfulness with money and resources before God gives you authority over people (Luke 16:11).

3. Tithing is God’s management training programme

The basic way God uses to train our management effectiveness is through tithing. God is not in need of money. Through tithing, He simply releases His resources to us and sees if we can set apart a portion of it in recognition that we don’t own all of it.

If you cannot set apart 10% of God’s resources in your possession, it means you can’t release 50% when He has an assignment to be completed with it. The entire purpose of releasing His resources to you is therefore defeated.

Remember the primary purpose of resources in God’s Kingdom is to use them for His agenda. God does not own 10% of your resources, He owns all of it. You release the 10% as a submission to the fact that He owns all.

Qualities of an Effective Manager by Myles Munroe

1. Accountability

Accountability is a natural result of effective management. Because the resources do not belong to you, you must be able to give an account to the owner.

2. Discipline

You must be disciplined to stick to the owner’s instructions on how and what the resources should be used for. You are an effective manager when you provide the expected added value, not just the value you feel like.

3. Honesty

An effective manager must be true to the owner’s word and resources even when no one is present. The owner of the resources will not always be present with you. Performing below expectations or juggling figures, even if you won’t be found out, is dishonesty and bad management.

4. Faithfulness

Faithfulness is remaining on duty and sticking with the work. A faithful person does not need supervision and does not abandon the work for any reason. You are not an effective manager when you do the work halfway.

4. Diligence

It is not enough that you stick with the work and keep doing it, you must provide the expected added value. To provide the expected added value, you must be diligent— work hard.

You must employ the necessary creativity to see the desire accomplished. We saw this in the Parable of the Talents where the manager said the unfaithful servant should have put the money in the bank to gain some interest. (Matthew 25:26,27). He was demanding creativity.

6. Trustworthiness

You must always be true to yourself and your word. Trustworthiness is the result of always being the same. Having your words and actions aligned at all times. It is the result of character.

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Myles Munroe Quotes on Management

  • In the Kingdom of God management is the highest work
  • Work does not attract resources— management does
  • God allows crisis to test your management
  • In God’s Kingdom, we are all managers, not owners
  • Accountability is the natural result of management
  • Effective management determines the amount of your resources
  • God will not give you what you pray for. He will only give you what you can manage
  • Answered prayers is regulated by your capacity to manage
  • Management is diligence with resources
  • God protects His resources from bad management
  • God withholds His resources from bad management
  • God will not allow growth where there is bad management
  • God will not answer the prayer of a bad manager
  • God does not give money to worshippers; He gives it to managers

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