Rediscovering Faith by Myles Munroe PDF Summary

Kingdom Faith: How To Build and Use Your Faith by Myles Munroe

Key Concepts:

  • Faith is the most powerful force you possess as a human.
  • When you lose your faith, your life has no meaning.
  • God requires faith in Him before he acts.
  • Every human has the measure of faith.
  • Faith in God comes by learning about God.
  • Believing in God does not guarantee an immediate answer.
  • God wants us to trust his power not His works.
  • Your faith can only manifest through a test.

What is Faith by Myles Munroe?

Faith is the most powerful force every human processes. Whether you are a Christian or not, you need faith to thrive in life. Lack of faith is what causes suicide — when the individual no longer has any confidence in life or what life holds. 

Faith is therefore your belief and conviction that creates your confidence in life. The moment you lose your faith, your life will no longer have any meaning to you. This was why Jesus prayed for Peter’s faith not to fail (Luke 22:32) and the Bible instructs us to fight the good fight of faith ( 1 Timothy 6:12) and contend for our faith (Jude 3). 

As a citizen of God’s Kingdom, you are in a battle of convictions. The devil wants you to lose your conviction in and about God and God will not act, no matter your prayer and fasting, if you don’t have faith. He requires you to have faith in Him and His power before He can move on your behalf or release anything to you.

Now, every human has the measure of faith. We have faith in things, systems, our experiences, what we have learnt, and so on. For instance, you sit on a chair with confidence because you have faith in its ability to hold you. In fact, the more you know about a thing, the more faith you have in it, but this is not the kind of faith God requires of us. 

How To Build Your Faith – Myles Munroe

He wants faith in His power and like everything else your faith in God is determined by how much you know about Him. Knowledge of God can only come through hearing His word so you should read God’s word not just to know about His plans for you but to know His character and get convinced of His power.

Faith is strengthened by conviction in the power of God not the works of God. What your faith is on determines the strength, quality, quantity, security, and stability of your faith. God’s works or miracles are temporary acts of God so your faith should not be based on them. 

God has both the power to act and the power not to act so your faith must be on Him to be true to Himself even when He does not act. The goal of God’s works is to place your faith in Him.

The Test of Faith by Dr. Myles Munroe

The only way God can prove your faith in Him is by testing you — taking you through a situation that pushes you to shift your confidence in Him. This means having faith does not guarantee an immediate answer. The only thing having faith guarantees is a test.

Any and every time you declare your faith in God concerning any issue, you will be tested to prove the validity of your faith. Test is a prerequisite for God to trust you (with anything). The strength of your faith is therefore determined by the test it survives. The test does not give you faith, instead, it reveals the genuinity of your faith. 

Once God has seen that you hold onto your trust in Him despite the absence of results, He then releases all of His resources to you. God is the controller of the test you face. He will only test you based on what He knows you can overcome.

So if you are going through any test of faith, be sure you can overcome it — that is the reason you are going through it. The bigger the test you overcome, the bigger the assignment or entrustment God gives you afterwards.

Principles of Faith – Dr. Myles Munroe

To truly walk in faith, you must…

  1. Know what your limitations are and leave them to the unlimited God
  2. Know what you are not responsible for and don’t try to do them
  3. Know what you are responsible for and commit only to that
  4. Accept before God that you know what you can do and can’t do.

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