Keys, Benefits and Principles of Change by Myles Munroe PDF Summary

Summary of Benefits of Change by Myles Munroe

According to Dr Myles Munroe, change is one of the most important factors in human life, whether that change is imposed on us or we’ve created the change ourselves and are eagerly anticipating its possibilities. Yet most people don’t manage change effectively and positively.

How we relate to change has a significant impact on our quality of life and whether or not we accomplish what we are meant to during our time on earth. Understanding how to view, respond to, and benefit from change is vital to a well-balanced and fulfilling life.

Change is always the introduction of the future to the present. Change is tomorrow taking over today, and a denial of change is a decision to live in yesterday. Eventually, to deny change is to become irrelevant.

5 Principles Of Change by Dr. Myles Munroe

  1. Nothing on earth is as permanent as change
  2. Change is continual
  3. Everything changes
  4. Change is inevitable
  5. Change is a principle of life and creation.

4 Types of Change in Life

1. Change that happens to us

The changes that happen to us are changes that are unexpected and unplanned for. They happen in our families, careers, personal life and so on. This type of change cannot be stopped from taking place.

2. Change that happens around us

The changes that happen around us are also inevitable. Nothing can be done to stop them; they are unexpected and unplanned for. They include changes in our society or environmental changes that directly or indirectly have an effect on us.

3. Change that happens within us

These changes have a direct impact on us. They affect who we are physically, emotionally, spiritually and mentally. This type of changes are also inevitable and unplanned for. Experiences and situations will always come up that will not just change our lives but change us.

4. Change that we initiate.

The last type of change is the change that we initiate. These are things or situations altered or created by intentional plans and actions that are meant to take us from where we currently are to where we want to be.

Although the other 3 types of change will occur if we do anything or not, in order to create a better life and fulfil God’s purpose for our lives, we must learn to initiate change by ourselves. The other changes can take us to places we don’t want to be. It takes conscious and intentional change to get desired life outcomes.

Change Your Thinking by Myles Munroe (Keys to Change)

Engaging with change begins with mental preparedness. Both for the changes that occur without our involvement and the changes that are initiated, we need to have some mental adjustments or preparations that will help us get the best of change.

1. An expectation of the inevitability of change

The first preparation for change you can make is to expect change. The reason change leaves many people in situations they don’t like is because they expect that things will continue to remain as they are. 

For example, someone who lost his job and falls into frustration worked through the job expecting that the job will remain. If you are expectant of change, you will begin to make “survival” plans for when it actually comes.

2. An assurance of your worth to God

Several changes will come in life that will make you think God does not love you or you don’t worth anything to Him. For example, the loss of a parent or spouse can leave you doubting God’s love for you.

But if you get to the point of assurance of your worth to God, there’s no change, negative or positive, that can make you shift grounds when they occur. Part of preparations you should make for change is to get assured of your worth to God.

3. A certainty of the value of your contribution to your generation

After getting assured of your worth to God, you should also get assured of the fact that you have a contribution to make to your generation. A conviction of your importance to your generation will give you strength to rise above changes that are supposed to hold you down.

For example, someone whose legs are amputated due to an accident will find it easier not to remain in self-pity if they are convinced they have a significant contribution to make to their generation. The conviction of being a contributor will push them to find their way through the disability.

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4. A decision to pursue your life vision

After getting convinced of your significance to your generation, you should also make a decision to pursue the vision of making that contribution, and this decision should be made while the change hasn’t even occurred.

Once your mind is made up to pursue your vision, change has less power to stop you than if you are still trying to make the decision after the change has happened. A new government policy or political trend might make you think there’s no need to pursue national leadership if you hadn’t strongly made up your mind before.

5. A determination to persevere in that vision

It takes perseverance to continue pursuing your vision amidst changes. Determining to persevere is an indispensable way to prepare for change because situations MUST come though change that only perseverance will keep you.

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How To Become A Change Agent by Dr. Myles Munroe

As we initiate and fulfil our God-given purposes, we become change agents. To initiate positive change, we must apply our knowledge and understanding with good judgement. As a change agent, you must

  1. Be open to listening to God’s Holy Spirit, who reveals seasons
  2. study and understand the times
  3. expand your knowledge
  4. apply wisdom.

How To Change Your Life by Dr. Myles Munroe

Changing your life won’t happen on its own. You must make decisions and plan your course. First, answer these questions:

  1. Where do I want to go in life?
  2. What are the Creator-inspired desires of my own heart?
  3. What do I want to achieve—specifically?
  4. What is my destination in life? 
  5. What will it take to get there?

I have covered in a more step by step way, how to plan your life in this article.

7 Ways To Plan and Prepare for Change

  1. expand your knowledge base
  2. develop new skills
  3. invest in educational resources
  4. develop associations with new people
  5. reorder your priorities
  6. adjust your expectations
  7. practice good spiritual habits for a strong relationship with God

Benefits of Change by Myles Munroe

The central benefits of Change are what they do to human potential. If we continue to live in a comfortable environment where there is no change, a lot of our potential will remain non maximized because it takes being in a situation you are not used to to bring out abilities you have not used before.

  1. Change draws out potential.
  2. Change challenges potential
  3. Change pressures potential
  4. Change manifests the person behind the


Keys, Principles and Benefits of Change by Dr Myles Munroe

There you have the book, Principles and Benefits of Change by Myles Munroe. God has called us to be change agents in this end time and one of the marks of change agents is studying. Because you read this far, I want to give you Lifetime Access to over $1000 worth of mentorship materials from Dr. Myles Munroe on purpose, leadership, success, wealth and the Kingdom. Get instant access to life-changing materials now!

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