I have been praying but can’t discover my purpose

Okay. There are some things I want you to understand.

  1. Ecclesiastes 3:11 says God has put eternity in our hearts. Eternity also translates as “the future” or “a sense of purpose.”

He has put in you ALREADY. Stop looking for it. There are cases where God will show people visions or speak to them in audible voices about His assignment for them but for the majority of Christians, we won’t receive that. What you will get is a sensing in your heart. And I strongly believe it’s in you ALREADY.

  1. Understand that your assignment must not necessarily be a “ministerial” assignment like the fivefold ministry.

God can call a woman to raise godly children and that’s all. He can call another one to be a doctor and save souls through his profession. He can call another to be a fashion model and represent Christ in the industry. So let your mind be open. Don’t think your purpose must be like that of your fellowship excos.

  1. Now, the next thing you must understand is that what God has called you for, He has wired you for. He has put the potential, passion, and personality needed for it in you ALREADY. It’s in you as you read this.

The purpose of the questions I’ve been asking you (from the workbook) is not so you can hear something spectacular. It’s so that you can come in contact with what God has put in your heart already. It’s there.

I sense you want to hear something powerful. But God chooses simple people, gives them simple messages or assignments and it results in a powerful mandate. But if you are neglecting the simple and small things that are in your heart, the powerful mandate will never be fulfilled.

  1. Don’t try to impress God. He can see your heart already. If you sincerely just want to please Him, He knows already. Now that you know that God will not be mad at you for what you are about to say, I want you to look at those questions, and say what you feel within you. Say what you want, say what you like.

Matthew 10:19-20 (paraphrased) says do not worry about what you will say whether it is right or wrong. Just speak because it is the Spirit that is speaking through you.

I know we have been taught as Christians not to have “personal desires” and only desire what God wants but you must understand that your deepest desires are put there by God just like we saw in Ecclesiastes 3:11. So don’t run from your desires. If you have been neglecting your desires for so long, it is easy to think they are not there.

But now, I want you to put down your “spiritual ego” so to speak, and ask yourself what kind of life do I really desire. What do I really WANT to be doing in the future?

The reason I can tell you this is because, as someone who has been working with God for so long, you cannot say carnal things like Yahoo or Runs. I am sure your desires are noble. And God will not be disappointed in you for having desires.

So bring them all up. Write your dream life in a book. Write your dream career. Write the things you see yourself doing.

  1. Next, I want you to understand that EVERY child of God’s purpose is centered around (1) advancing God’s kingdom, (2) being a blessing to humanity and (3) making the world a better place. It is not necessarily a specific career path. Meaning God is glorified in everything we do as long as it does one or more of these 3 things.

Think about Michael Faraday. He was a scientist who created electricity. He was a believer. But not a pastor, minister, etc. He did something the world is still benefiting from today. That is also purpose. Making the world a better place.

As long as your heart is after pleasing God, settle down to choose those things you naturally find yourself doing and you naturally enjoy doing and ensure you are using it to promote God’s kingdom, bless people’s lives or make the world a better place.

As you do it, God will continue to guide you (by putting new desires or prompts in your heart) as to how He wants you to serve per time, per season.

My mentor Dr. Myles Munroe said, “God will not direct your potential until you start using it.” He only called people who were ALREADY WORKING (fisherman, task collector, etc) to be His disciples.

So start working with what you have on ground now. Don’t worry about being perfect. As long as your heart is open to Him, He will guide you as you progress.

So in the workbook, the 2nd section says you should write a personal vision statement. This is something you can only write after you have explored your heart and reached to your deepest desires. So you write something like… “I will do this and this to serve God in this way and this way and bless humanity in this way and this way…”

Just write it. Don’t worry it’s not final. You will keep updating it as you keep walking with God, understanding Him better and understanding yourself better.

I know this is a lot of instructions. Come back from time to time and read it again. You will get everything I’m saying.

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