How To Plan Your Life by Myles Munroe (Planning For Success)

 God gives every one of us visions but it is our responsibility to come up with plans on how those visions would be actualized. If God has shown you where you should go, you must map out a roadmap to get there. Prayer and faith are not substitute for plans. In fact, planning gives substance to prayer and planning is proof of faith.

Contrary to what many think that when you plan you might not need prayers, when you have plans you will never run out of what to pray for. Because until you have plans you cannot fulfill the scriptural instruction of committing your plans to the Lord for Him to direct you. 

I got this from the book Principles and Power of Vision. If you wouldn’t read any other book from Dr. Myles Munroe. I strongly advise you to read this one. Planning is only one of the 12 major keys to success discussed in the book.

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How To Plan For Success by Myles Munroe

When embarking on a planning exercise, these are the questions you should ask yourself:

1. What do I want to accomplish?

The first step toward planning is to identify what you would like to accomplish. Planning is simply laying down the steps you would take to get you to a destination. If that destination is not determined, no step can get you there. If you don’t know how to write a vision for your life, Learn from Dr. Myles Munroe.

2. What do I need?

After determining where you want to go with your vision, the second step to planning effectively is to list out all you will need to get to the destination. If your vision is to become a medical doctor, for instance, you know that you will need a medical degree and so on.

You haven’t planned until you have highlighted what you need to get to the destination. It could include information, resources, skills, people, access, and do on

3. Where can I go for information?

From the scriptures, we understand that every successful establishment is built through wisdom, understanding, and knowledge. Without adequate information, you wouldn’t get to your vision. Part of the process of planning is to identify where you can get adequate information concerning your desired goal.

4. What do I need to read?

This is an elaboration on sourcing information. Readers become leaders, but not every book makes leaders. You shouldn’t just commit to getting information but you should be intentional about the kind of information you need at every stage. While a book about fashion is great for someone who wants to become a leader in fashion, that would be the wrong book for you if you want to become a political leader.

Thanks to technology, you now have access to several relevant books at your fingertip, you can also take advantage of my entire e-library of Dr. Myles Munroe’s books I offered at the beginning of this post.

5. Who should I associate with?

No vision can be achieved in isolation. By design, God created every individual to fulfill their visions with the right company/partners. To chase a vision in isolation is to reject God’s provision of human resources.

Based on the needs you have identified in step 2, you should identify individuals who are gifted in such areas to help you with it. In the business world, it is called staffing your weaknesses. If you are finding it difficult to make friends, you will find this helpful.

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6. How long should it take?

Planning like, goal setting, should have time frames. You shouldn’t just state what should be done and how to go about it but you must also identify when it should be done. Some goals become unfulfilling when they are achieved after certain times.

So part of your plan should be when that vision should be achieved that will make it worthwhile. Setting a time frame for questions 2 to 5 is better. Myles Munroe explained here how you can maximize your time for success.

7. How much will it cost?

No vision gets fulfilled without a cost. Cost setting should also be part of your plan if you want to plan for success. Knowing the cost will let you know if what you have will be enough, if and what you should outsource, and if the vision shouldn’t be pursued based on your current available resources.

8. Which courses should I take?

Achieving success in your vision for life will require skills that you must have identified from step 2. To get those skills, you should also identify which courses are needed. You shouldn’t be afraid to pay to acquire the necessary skills for your vision. The cost of the courses needed to learn the various skills should be added to your How-Much-Will-It- Cost plan above.

9. Where can I get experience?

Now, not everything you need to know or every skill you need to learn can be gotten from books and courses. Some can only be gotten through experience.

You might need to take up certain jobs, and become an intern in relevant organizations that are doing what (or similar to what) you are planning to do, to get first-hand experience on what it looks like and the demands of fulfilling your vision. Sometimes you can not know what you need except you see someone doing what you want to do and needing that thing.

10. What do I have?

This is the last phase of planning— taking inventory of the resources available to you for the fulfillment of your vision. You don’t plan with someone else’s resources.

The goal of planning in itself is to help you maximize what you have to get what you want. Be careful not to belittle what you have. At every point of your life, you might not have the resources needed to take you to your destination, but you ALWAYS have the resources to take you a step further.

Planning For Success by Myles Munroe

Although you have identified where you need to get to, you won’t get there in one step. You will need to take courses, gain experience, meet people, read books, and so on. These are all processes that will take you towards the vision.

Your plan won’t necessarily take you to your destination but it has done its job when it shows you the next step to take. Plans can change and that is normal. It is the act of planning that is the most important. Planning will always show you the next step, and that is priceless for progress.

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