How To Measure Your True Worth Without External Things

If you do a quick search on Google on how to measure your worth, you will see countless articles explaining how to measure your net worth, your worth in the marketplace, your worth in comparison to others, and so on.

But the question that comes to my mind which I’m sure might have also come to your mind is, “does this mean I am not valuable without these things?” Does my worth have to be based on social, career, or financial standards?

The answer is no! What you do or don’t possess is not the true definition of your worth. Unlike how we determine the value of material things that the standard can change at any time, measuring the value of humans has a more standard and fixed scale of measurement.

This means that no matter the technological changes or social, economic, and career changes that occur, what you are worth IN LIFE still remains the same because it is not based on them.

Now I’m not telling you not to base your worth on external things. Rather I’m telling you that your worth is not based on external things. If you decide to measure your worth based on extrinsic factors, you are having false self-esteem.

Note: Here we are talking about your worth in life. How you measure in comparison with others in the larger picture of existence. Your worth in the marketplace or an organization depends on what that organization prioritizes.

Since, indeed, your worth is not defined by extrinsic factors and the safest thing to do indeed is to have a self-esteem that represents your true worth as seen in the many benefits of having true self-esteem, how then can you measure your worth away from these external things? How can you measure your true worth?

How To Measure Your True Worth In Life And Get Authentic Self-Esteem

1. Understand there’s an overall program of life

You cannot know your worth as a person without first understanding the essence of life. This is because your worth is defined by your significance to the overall program of life. Without first understanding what the program is and all it entails, you might begin to see yourself as unimportant.

I’m not saying you become worthy by understanding that program. Rather your worth has been defined already by that program but you cannot truly appreciate your worth if you don’t understand that program.

Your valuation of yourself thereby comes by comparing yourself and your significance to that program just the same way one cannot understand the value of a brake pad without first understanding the nature of a car.

That being said, there is a single reason why everything that exists, exists. Whatever does not contribute significantly to this program is not valuable as long as life is concerned.

Also, the level to which you contribute to it determines your worth in life. Although because many people do not understand this program they wouldn’t evaluate your worth based on it, your self-esteem is your view of yourself so in building your self-esteem, your measurement is the most important factor.

2. Understand your significance to the overall program through your personal purpose

After understanding what the entirety of life is tilting towards and the single reason to which everything exists, the next step in measuring your what is in knowing the amount of contribution you are making to that program.

If you aren’t contributing to the purpose life is gravitating towards, then you are valueless in life. But the good news is that you aren’t valueless, you have a significant role reserved for you in the overall program of Life.

By significant, I don’t just mean your input will be felt. What I mean is that there would be a massive gap in the fulfillment of the overall program of life if your role is not played.

That is how significant you are. That significant role reserved for you is what is called your purpose. It is the reason why you were created.

The creator of the universe saw a need in the overall program of life that only you could fill and He created you perfect fit, to satisfy that need. That’s what purpose is just like the manufacturer of a car saw the need for the car to be navigated and created the steering wheel for the sole purpose of navigating that car.

This understanding has answered the question of whether you are valuable or not. You are valuable because life will be incomplete without you

3. Measure the fulfillment of your personal purpose

Now that you understand that your value in life is hinged on your personal purpose since that’s what you contribute to life in general, you need to get committed to fulfilling that purpose to release your worth.

There are two levels of worth. First, there is the worth that comes from the potential a person has. For example, a shareholder in a startup sees his shares in that startup as something valuable because of what it will be worth in the future. That worth is created by potential.

Secondly, there is the worth that comes from the current contribution a person is making already– their current impact. This is that same share after it has matured and now brings the ROI.

You have potential worth because of the role you can contribute to life based on your purpose. However, you must transform your potential worth into actual significance by truly contributing to the program in fulfilling your purpose.

This is where the measurement comes in. If you have discovered and are fulfilling that purpose for which you are created then, you know you have so much value.

The person next door might not see you as a worthy person based on their standard if they are not seeing any “worthy” thing in you but that shouldn’t shake your conviction of your worth because while you might not be visibly contributing anything to the person next door, you are contributing to the overall program of life which indirectly benefits that person.


Whenever you are faced with a situation that questions your worth, whenever you are in a position that makes you feel like someone unworthy because of certain standards you don’t meet, all you need to do is simply check if you are truly committed to the fulfillment of your purpose.

If you are, then you are worthy no matter what anyone thinks. Also, if you are, you are worthy even when you don’t feel it. Your job (when you don’t feel like it) is to readjust your measure and accept your true worth. Develop true self-esteem.

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