How To Live The Kingdom Life by Myles Munroe

Our assignment here as ambassadors is to influence the systems of the earth with the culture of Heaven. It is required of us, therefore, as Kingdom citizens to live the Kingdom life here on earth. Without living with Heaven’s culture, the world cannot adopt that culture.

I have highlighted the 5 steps Dr Myles Munroe taught me to living the Kingdom life.

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5 Steps To Live The Kingdom Life on Earth by Myles Munroe

1. Develop Kingdom mindset

When Jesus started to preach the message of the kingdom, the first instruction he gave was to repent. To repent means to change your thinking as we have seen. Your first response to living a Kingdom Life on earth is to change your thinking and begin to think with Kingdom concepts instead of religious contexts. 

Rather than seeing God as a religious deity, begin to see Him as the king of your country. Begin to see yourself as a kingdom citizen whose government is committed to. Begin to relate with the Bible as the Constitution of your nation that defines the scope of your operation on earth. Begin to demand your rights in prayers instead of begging God and trying to appease him like religious people.

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2. Understand your ambassadorial assignment 

Secondly, understand that you are here on Earth as an ambassador representing your government. You were not voted into position but were appointed by the King to represent the kingdom. You are committed only to the interest of the Kingdom and must do this in your daily activities. 

As an ambassador, although you live in another country, you are not to become a citizen of Earth; you still hold Kingdom citizenship and your goal is to influence the territory of Earth for your Government. This is your primary assignment on Earth.

3. Establish your allegiance to God in matters of the spirit

When Jesus was asked if taxes were to be paid or not, He said, “whatever belongs to Caesar should be given to Caesar and whatever belongs to God should be given to God.” (Matthew 22:21).  

This shows that although you are a citizen of Heaven, because you are living on earth you must satisfy the demands of the government of earth as long as it does not conflict with the Kingdom government’s demands. 

Your boss can make demands of your time and your labor while you are on the job but cannot make demands on your character. He owns the office and equipment but he does not own you. Once you sell your character and integrity for a job then your boss owns you. 

So like Daniel, while you continue to obey the laws of the earthly government, your allegiance must be declared to be to God when there is a conflict of demands. Allegiance to God will help you develop right positioning with the Kingdom government: righteousness. 

4. Develop right positioning with the government 

Righteousness is the key to abundance Kingdom living and righteousness simply means being in alignment with authority by obeying the laws of the government. 

When you stop at the Red traffic light, you’re in righteousness with the country’s government. Moving when the traffic light says to stop is unrighteousness and therefore removes you from right standing with the government which comes with its consequences.

Righteous living is what gives us access to the resources of Heaven:

  • Entering the Kingdom places you in citizenship; righteousness places you in a relationship 
  • Entering the kingdom gives you right to governmental benefits; righteousness gives you access to government benefits
  • Entering the kingdom makes you legal; righteousness maintains your legal status 

Righteousness is maintained in holiness

To remain in right positioning with the government all you need to do is obey the laws of the government as contained in the constitution. If the Bible says to pay your tithe (the tax of God’s government), obeying maintains your right position with the Government. Once you remain in righteousness, you secure

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  • These are the “other things” added when the Kingdom and righteousness are sought.

    5. Know your constitution

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    ble). It is your duty as a citizen to know your constitution. 

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    cannot claim them.

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