Full Profile of Brackenfell High School (Contact, History, Achievements)

Brackenfell High School is a public high school located in the Brackenfell suburb of Cape Town, South Africa. One of the oldest and most prestigious high schools in the area, it is renowned for its outstanding extracurricular offerings and academic achievements.

Through the years, the school has significantly benefited the neighborhood by turning out accomplished individuals in a variety of professions.

The institution has, nonetheless, been involved in its fair share of issues, with recent claims of racial discrimination sparking demonstrations and public history, profile, achievements, and controversies of Brackenfell High School in this article.

Brackenfell High School Contact Details

The administration of Brackenfell High School can be reached through any of the following details:

  • Brackenfell High School Address: Rogland St, Brackenfell, Cape Town, 7560
  • Brackenfell contact number: 0219815522
  • Fax: 0219816023
  • Brackenfell High School email address: staff@brackenfellhs.co.za

History of Brackenfell High School

Brackenfell High School was founded on January 26, 1976, on a 1-acre plot of land donated by Janet Brink, the widow of Andries Brink to serve the growing community of Brackenfell. At the time of its establishment, the school had only 234 learners, 14 teachers, and one secretary.

Over the years, however, the school grew rapidly, and by the 1990s, it had over 900 learners and 50 teachers. Today, Brackenfell High School serves more than 1,800 learners from grades 8 to 12 and over 90 members of staff. 

Brackenfell High School has a rich and diverse history that spans over four decades. At its time of establishment, Brackenfell was a relatively new community, with most of the residents being young families looking for affordable housing close to the city.

The opening of the school was a significant milestone for the community, as it provided a much-needed educational resource for the local children.

The early principals of Brackenfell High School were committed to providing the best possible education to the students. They quickly set about building a strong foundation for the school, recruiting a team of dedicated teachers, and establishing a culture of academic excellence.

In the early years, Brackenfell High School faced many challenges, including limited resources and a growing student population. However, the school’s leadership and staff were determined to provide the best possible education to their learners.

They worked tirelessly to implement a curriculum that was both challenging and engaging, and they encouraged their students to excel in all areas of their academic and personal lives.

One of the defining moments in the history of Brackenfell High School was the construction of a new school building in the late 1990s. The new building was a significant upgrade from the old facilities, providing state-of-the-art classrooms, science labs, and other modern amenities.

The construction of the new building was a testament to the school’s commitment to providing the best possible education to its students, and it helped to establish Brackenfell High School as one of the leading schools in the Western Cape.

Over the years, Brackenfell High School has continued to evolve and adapt to changing educational trends and technologies.

The school has introduced new programs and initiatives aimed at promoting academic excellence, including an extensive extracurricular program that includes sports, music, drama, and other activities.

The school has also embraced technology, using digital tools and resources to enhance the learning experience for its students.

Throughout its history, Brackenfell High School has produced many notable alumni who have gone on to achieve success in various fields. These include professional athletes, actors, musicians, and business leaders, among others.

The school’s alumni network is a testament to the quality of education provided by Brackenfell High School and its commitment to preparing its students for success in all aspects of their lives.

Brackenfell High School Profile

Brackenfell High School students on uniform

Brackenfell High School is known for its academic excellence, with a matric pass rate constantly above 90%. The school offers a broad curriculum, including the sciences, mathematics, languages, and the humanities.

It also provides various extracurricular activities, including sports, music, drama, and debating, among others. 

The school has a strong sports program, with teams competing in various sports, including rugby, cricket, soccer, netball, and athletics. The school’s music program is also highly regarded, with a concert band, a choir, and a jazz band, among other groups.

Brackenfell High School Achievements

Brackenfell High School has a proud history of academic and extracurricular achievements. In recent years, the school has consistently achieved a matric pass rate of over 90%, which is well above the national average.

The school has also produced several notable alumni who have gone on to achieve success in various fields. These include professional rugby players Siya Kolisi and Cheslin Kolbe, singer Andriëtte Norman, actor and comedian Siv Ngesi, and award-winning journalist and author Pieter du Toit, among others.

The school’s sports program has also achieved significant success, with several teams winning provincial and national championships over the years. The rugby team, in particular, has a rich history of success, having won numerous titles in the Western Province Rugby Union Schools League.

Why Is Brackenfell High School Popular?

Several factors contribute to the popularity of Brackenfell High School, including:

Academic Excellence

Known for its strong academic performance, Brackenfell High School typically achieves high pass rates and stellar matric outcomes.

The school offers a challenging academic curriculum as well as extracurricular activities in a variety of topics to meet the interests and skills of all of its students. 

Parents who want their children to obtain a top-notch education and get ready for prosperous futures are drawn to this academic success.

Strong Community Support

Parents, alumni, and local businesses are all actively involved in the school’s community support. A thriving Parent-Teacher Association (PTA) supports the school’s initiatives, such as fundraising and volunteerism, in a significant way.

In addition to providing useful resources, the support of the community fosters a sense of community and pride among the students, faculty, and families.

Excellent Facilities

The school’s top-notch facilities are designed with its students in mind. With well-equipped classrooms, science labs, computer labs, and athletic facilities, the contemporary school building offers a relaxing and secure learning environment.

Brackenfell High School’s facilities show its dedication to giving pupils a top-notch education and fostering a supportive learning environment.

Diverse Extracurricular Activities

Sports, music, theater, and cultural events are just a few of the extracurricular activities that Brackenfell High School offers. In addition to developing important social and leadership skills, these activities give students the chance to explore their passions and specialties outside of the classroom.

Parents who want their kids to have a well-rounded education that encompasses both academic and extracurricular endeavors are drawn to the school’s extracurricular program.

Experienced and Dedicated Staff

A group of knowledgeable and passionate employees at Brackenfell High School are committed to giving their kids the finest education possible.

The professors work closely with the pupils to ensure that they reach their maximum potential. They are highly certified and knowledgeable in their subject areas. Academic excellence and extracurricular accomplishments at the school are direct results of the staff’s passion and commitment to its students.

Controversies Around Brackenfell High School

Brackenfell High School racism, controversies and protest

Despite its many achievements, Brackenfell High School has been embroiled in controversy in recent years, particularly regarding allegations of racial discrimination.

In 2020, a private matric farewell event organized by some white parents and learners sparked protests and public outcry after it emerged that black learners had not been invited.

The incident led to accusations of racism and sparked a national debate about race relations in South Africa. The school’s management and the Western Cape Education Department were criticized for their handling of the situation, and the incident led to a public inquiry and ongoing investigations.

Brackenfell High School Fees

The price of the fees at Brackenfell High School is on the higher side. It costs R22,000 to attend this school. This is because the institution boasts competitive programs and extracurricular activities for its students.

Being one of the exclusive institutions means that it is hard to get a place, and the admission queues are usually long.  


Brackenfell High School has a rich history and a proud legacy of academic and extracurricular achievements. The school’s commitment to excellence and its strong community partnerships have made it an essential part of the Brackenfell community.

While the recent controversies surrounding the school have been challenging, they have also presented an opportunity for growth and change.

By addressing the issue of racism and working to create a more inclusive environment, Brackenfell High School can continue to be a beacon of excellence and a source of pride for all its learners and alumni.

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