Fatherhood Principle by Dr. Myles Munroe PDF Summary

In the book Fatherhood Principle, after pointing out the great harm the absence of true fathers is causing, Dr. Myles Munroe explained that fatherhood has a much broader meaning than just the biological production of children.

Fatherhood is not a choice for a male but is inherent in his very nature. The essence of the male is fatherhood. Every adult male is meant to be a father, and his personal fulfillment is linked to living out that purpose.

Who Is A Father by Dr. Myles Munroe?

According to Dr. Myles Munroe, a father is the source that sustains, protects, nourishes, and provides an identity for that which he produces. It is derived from the Greek word, “Abba” which can be translated as source, sustainer, author, creator, protector, founder, nourisher, and supporter.

Fatherhood reveals the nature of God. God is our source, founder, creator, sustainer, nourisher, and protector. So father is not so much a name but a title resulting from a function.

We can say that God is our Father in two main ways: through creation and through redemption. God is the Source of all creation, and we are restored to Him as Father through the sacrifice of His Son Jesus, the “Everlasting Father” who produced a new generation of human beings.

7 Principles of Fatherhood by Dr. Myles Munroe

  1. The male is the source of the seed
  2. The male is the nourisher of the fruit
  3. The male is the source of the female.
  4. The male is designed to protect his fruit.
  5. The male determines the type of offspring and influences its quality.
  6. The male maintains his offspring
  7. The male teaches his seed.

10 Roles and Functions of a Perfect Father by Dr. Myles Munroe 

To be a perfect father as you are created to be, you must be all of these to your family (biological or spiritual):

  1. Progenitor
  2. Source
  3. Sustainer and Nourisher
  4. Protector
  5. Teacher
  6. Disciplinarian
  7. Leader
  8. Head
  9. Caring One
  10. Developer

5 Vital Purposes of Males (What A Man Needs Before A Woman)

1. To Dwell in God’s Presence

God put man in the Garden of Eden after creating Him. Eden was not just a physical garden to house man. It was a representation of the ideal environment where man is designed to thrive.

Eden means “a delightful spot”. It also means “doorway to heaven”. It is a place where God’s presence dwells. A man must remain in God’s presence and in a relationship with Him to fulfill his purpose. 

2. To Manifest What God Put inside You

After God put Adam in the garden, He asked him to work. To work means to become or bring out what is hidden within you— to release your gift and maximize your potential. Your work is not just any job. Any job where you aren’t releasing your potential or becoming what you are created to become is not your work.

To truly work you must first discover your purpose and run with a vision toward fulfilling that purpose. The following articles will help you.

3. To Be a Cultivator 

You are a cultivator designed by God. This means you improve things, and maximize the potential of the people and resources around you. You are designed to bring out the best in everything under your care.

You will never be given a finished product by God. He’ll only give you raw materials. God won’t even give you a completed woman. The perfect woman you are looking for does not exist.

God will give you a woman who is a “raw material.” It is your job to love her as God loves her by helping her maximize her potential, improve her life situation, and be the best she can be.

4. To Be a Protector

A real man is a protecting man. God designed you with physical strength to defend women, not to use your strength to overpower them. That is an abuse of power. You are supposed to be the safest place any woman can be. 

This includes protecting the woman from yourself and your sexual urges. Also, you should protect your family from wrong doctrine, negative influences, and so on. You are the anchor of the home that keeps everyone standing when there’s a storm.

5. To Be a Teacher

Whatever God creates something to do, He builds in the capacity to do it. As a male, God built you with the teacher’s psyche. You are the teacher in your home. You are the one who is supposed to have the information, the instruction. It starts with you. That means you have to hear from God first and have more knowledge, not just claim to have, than everyone else in the house.


Once every male begins to rise to their true responsibilities as a father, we’ll have healthier homes, churches, and society. Because you read this far, I want to give you Lifetime Access to over $1,000 worth of mentorship materials from Dr. Myles Munroe on purpose, leadership, success, wealth, and the Kingdom. Get instant access to all life-changing materials now!

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