Dipoto Counseling Group Review – Counseling in Liberty, Gladstone & Parkville, MO

Dipoto Counseling Group is one of the best counseling services available in Missouri State with over 24 years of practice experience. It has a mission for kids, teens, adults, and families. Dipoto Counseling Group is dedicated to delivering easily accessible, high-quality mental health care.

They place a strong emphasis on compassion, secrecy, and trust. To give you, the patient, the best care possible, they are even committed to collaborating with your psychiatric practitioner and other medical specialists.

Counseling Services at Dipoto Counseling Group

With very experienced and competent professionals working at Dipoto Counseling Group, you can be sure of the best services. They offer Individual Counseling, Family Counseling, Marriage or Couples Counseling, Substance, Abuse Counseling, Educational Consultation, Critical Incident Debriefing, and Medication Management depending on your needs. They have a wide range of people with topics that they are experts in.

Dipoto Counseling Group offers counseling for the following issues:

  • Aging Issues  
  • Anxiety Disorders  
  • Anger Management
  • Attention Disorders (ADHD)
  • Autism Spectrum Disorders
  • Career Counseling
  • Christian Counseling  
  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)
  • College Counseling
  • Conduct Disorders  
  • Couples and Family Counseling
  • Depression and Mood Disorders
  • Divorce and Separation
  • Grief and Loss  
  • LGBTQ Issues
  • Living with Chronic Illness
  • Marital Issues  
  • Medication Management
  • Panic and Anxiety Disorders
  • Post Traumatic Stress Disorder  
  • Sexuality Issues
  • Substance Abuse and Addiction
  • Telehealth (Counseling and Prescriptions)
  • Thought Disorders

Therapists at Dipoto Counseling Group

There are over 13 counselors available to work with you at their three offices: persons who can work with you if you need individual, family, or couples counseling. Additionally, 3 Provisionally Licensed Counselors are employed and are managed by Marc Dipoto or Cassie Dennis LPC. 

To ensure professionalism and standardization of experience, they discuss their cases in a weekly meeting with their supervisor.

All the experts at Dipoto Counseling Group are Missouri-licensed professionals. Their service providers have a wide spectrum of experience, and they were chosen to satisfy the various demands of our neighborhood. They are either licensed counselors or social workers who have a variety of backgrounds and were chosen to satisfy the various demands of the Missouri community.

PS: To be licensed in Missouri, means the Professional Counselors with Provisional Licensure have a Master’s in Counseling and have passed the National Counselor Exam. A few who haven’t, are also striving to fulfill the last of the State of Missouri’s licensing requirements while being supervised by Marc Dipoto, LPC.

Payment and Insurance at Dipoto Counseling Group

Sessions at Dipoto Counseling Center are $150 each. Along with numerous Employee Assistance Programs, they accept the majority of major insurance policies. In addition, all major credit cards, cash, and checks are accepted. Patients without mental health insurance or those who prefer not to report their therapy to their health insurance provider are eligible for a 20% discount.

You can also use PayPal or any other major credit card to pay your bill online.

Office Hours at Dipoto Counseling Group, MO

The working hours of the clinical team are flexible to accommodate the needs of all patients, though structurally the office staff is accessible to answer questions and make appointments from 7:30 am to 5:30 pm, Monday through Friday. 

They acknowledge that not everyone can drop by during regular business hours so they have counselors on call in the early morning, late at night, and on weekends to fulfill this need. They also keep a phone open for emergencies 24 hours a day for patients.

Dipoto Counseling Group Locations in Missouri 

Dipoto Counseling Group has 3 office locations across Missouri. You can visit any of their offices at Liberty, Gladstone, and Parkville

  • 5950 North Oak Trafficway, Suite 104, Gladstone, MO 64118
  • 9 Victory Drive, Suite 3, Liberty, MO 64068
  • 7432 NW River Park Drive, Parkville MO 64152

Dipoto Counseling Group Contact Details

  • Phone: (816) 268-8501
  • Fax: (816) 452-5700
  • Email: info@dipotocounselinggroup.com

Do All People Really Benefit from Therapy?

Individuals, couples, families, kids, and teenagers can all benefit greatly from therapy. Whether someone seeks therapy as an individual, a couple, or a family depends on the kinds of worries they are experiencing and whether or not other family members are open to joining them. Sometimes, couples counseling or family therapy may be used after solo treatment.

Individual Counseling

The majority of research into the efficacy of therapy has focused on the results of individual therapy. The strength of the client’s relationship with that specific therapist is a significant influence on the outcome of individual therapy. Finding a therapist with whom you are at ease discussing your worries is essential. To discover a good fit and get the most out of therapy, clients may need to meet with more than one therapist.

Couples counseling

Any couple experiencing hardship and unable to settle their disputes amicably is advised to seek couples counseling. The motivation of each individual to strengthen their relationship and the timing of getting help are two key aspects that influence whether couples therapy is beneficial. When attempting to resolve issues in a partnership, the sooner the better.

Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy, Gottman’s Method, and Psychodynamic Couples Therapy are a few of the often employed types of couples therapy. Each of these models has been the subject of outcome studies, with overall findings demonstrating the efficacy of all three. Couples therapy works best when complaints between spouses are reduced, communication is improved, and closeness is enhanced.

Family Counseling

When there are recurrent arguments between family members or when a child exhibits persistently hostile conduct, family therapy is the chosen therapeutic strategy. Additionally, it aims to reestablish emotional connections between possibly estranged family members. Instead of seeing one individual as the only problem, the family therapist typically approaches the issues from the perspective of the entire family as a system.

According to studies, family therapy is particularly beneficial in reducing complaints related to behavior disorder, substance misuse, and depression. A variety of behavioral and mental problems can benefit from it.

Kids and Teens

For various types of difficulties, several forms of therapy work well for children and teenagers. ADHD and disruptive behavior disorders can both be managed with the help of child behavior therapy. This strategy typically involves some behavior control instruction for parents. For kids with depression, anxiety, or PTSD, cognitive behavioral therapy is effective.

Family therapy, in which family members learn improved communication and conflict resolution techniques, is very effective for adolescent disruptive conduct. While interpersonal counseling helps depressed adolescents discover new approaches to handling interpersonal issues. DBT can also be used to teach teenagers how to handle their emotions in a variety of situations.

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