Daily Credit Alert: 10 Proven Ways To Make Money Daily Online For NEWBIES

In this article, I will be highlighting the top 10 ways anyone can join the Daily Credit Alert movement. The Daily Credit Alert movement is simply a set of people who have set up structures, especially online structures, that help them get income daily, which is called Credit Alert in Nigeria. You don’t have to register to join, you just set up structures by yourself.

Everyone desires to have a steady flow of income that will both pay the bills and help them live the kind of life they want.

By joining the Daily Credit Alert movement, you not only stop living from paycheck to paycheck, but you start having more than enough to save and invest because no day goes without an increase in your account balance.

I have personally started setting up these structures myself, and I want to tell you it is REAL! You can make money daily!

Instead of trying to create your methods, you can simply model what works. And that is why I’m writing this. To tell you the Top 10 Proven Sources of Getting Daily Income that works even if you are a newbie.

How To Get Daily Credit Alert

1. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is the entry point and the easiest way to get daily credit alerts because you need zero experience, no product, and sometimes, no capital. What you simply do is promote other people’s products and if anybody buys, you will get a commission for each sale. It’s that simple!

You don’t have to create a product, sell the product, ensure the payment works, or any of that stuff. All you do is simply promote the product and for anyone that buys through the affiliate link given to you by the affiliate network, you get paid a percentage of the price.

You can post your link anywhere, and use any platform to promote the product. As long as the person clicks your link and buys, you get a credit alert!

2. Digital Products

Selling digital products is the second biggest way of receiving daily credit alerts. There are more ebooks bought daily than there are physical books. I conducted research some time ago and while everybody I met said they prefer reading physical books to ebooks, they still read more ebooks than physical books.

However, ebooks are just one of the digital products you can sell. Digital products are classified into 7 broad categories: written, audio, video, design, photography, software and tech, and informational products. 

The good part about digital products, unlike physical products, is that you only have to create them once and reproduce to many people. So even if you create a $100 worth product and sell it for $5, the fact that you only have to create it once means you will still make profits and that will attract many people to your product since it delivers more than they pay.

However, digital products don’t cost much to create.

3. Courses

You can also call this Online Training. Live Trainings are currently moving the financial needles for many since after the Lockdown. You don’t need too much experience to come up with a course. You can simply teach whatever you have experience with. Is there something you have done for long and have gotten some expertise? You can create a course on that.

Mostly, courses that teach people skills that help them make money sell more than other courses. However, you can teach anything! My mentor Professor Emmanuel Akpe has made over N70 million in 3 years through online courses, and guess what? It’s 100% through WhatsApp.

Pro Tip! I ran at a loss while conducting my first online course so you might want to gather some information before starting.

4. Influencer (Selling Ads)

I would like to start this from the simplest. If you can increase your WhatsApp status view and get at least 1000 people who view your WhatsApp status daily, you can monetize it and start selling ads spaces for online retailers to reach your audience. That’s at a more basic level. You can take it further to Instagram, YouTube. But they are more difficult to build.

Never forget this: the money is in the list. He who has the biggest list has the money. So if you have a big list, people will pay you to get access to that list. And if you understand how to place the ads well and it converts, more people will come to place more ads. Businesses advertise daily and won’t mind your price as long as it converts.

You can get more people to view your status by constantly offering value and using lead magnets (FREE ebooks/training) to draw them to you. If they know you continually post stuff that can help them, they will continue to view your status updates.

5. Blogging and YouTube

Although with blogging and YouTube you don’t get the money daily, you make money daily and it accumulates for the end of the month. Your assignment is to simply create content that people are interested in and the more people visit your site/watch your videos, the more money you make. 

You make money by displaying ads. With blogging and YouTubing, you can integrate affiliate marketing and selling digital products.

6. Physical Products + Copywriting

You can also get daily credit alerts by selling physical products online. However, the reason it doesn’t work for most people is that they have poor copies. A copy is the words you use to sell your products.

Because people don’t make their offers compelling enough, nobody buys. Nobody comes online with the intention of buying. If you must stop them in their tracks and make them bring out their credit cards, you must have a compelling offer and copy.

7. Digital Skill + Marketing

Another proven way of making money online daily is through digital skills like graphic design, digital marketing, copywriting, video creation, content creation, and so on. People need these skills daily! 

Before I started, I used to think… There are too many graphic designers already. So I never told anyone I was a graphic designer until one day I found someone who was desperately looking for a graphic designer and couldn’t find one. It was shocking!

The thing is there is more need for these skills than the available supply. Every business is on the internet today and they will pay anyone who can help them thrive on the internet. However, you must combine it with effective marketing and branding so you can be found and be paid high.

8. Conducting online challenges

This sounds like the most foolish of all. You simply get people to pay you to assign tasks to them: they do the work for themselves, yet they pay you.

How does this work? People are not disciplined. They know they need to work, they know they need to achieve goals but they don’t have the drive to do so. That’s where you come in. You create an accountability network that holds them accountable and ensures they achieve their goals (or a goal you set for them) and share tips with them. Everybody wants that. However, they have to pay you to join your accountability network.

I haven’t conducted any online challenge but several of my mentors have made millions from it. It can be simply a goal to save X amount and hold people accountable to ensure they save.

9. Freelance Sites

This is an extension of digital skills. There are many freelancing sites like Fiverr, Upwork and WritersGig that connect freelancers with people looking for those skills. No matter how you market yourself, some people won’t trust you because it’s online. However, these freelancing sites stand in between to hold the money the buyer pays until you have done the job. It’s also a place to connect to clients who your marketing can never reach.

10. Dropshipping

Dropshipping is simply selling other people’s products at your price and leaving the company to do the logistics of delivering the product. As a dropshipper, you pick a particular product from a company offering and, unlike affiliate marketing, you set the price for the product. If they sell for $100, you can set your price to $150 and you get the profit, and the company delivers the product to the buyer.

There you have it…

These 10 ways listed above are proven already. There surely are several other ways to make money daily online but these are proven and don’t require much experience or casual to start!

Which of them have you tried or want to?

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