Generational Blessing: Become A Better You by Joel Osteen (Summary, Notes and Insights)

Summary of Become A Better You by Joel Osteen

  • God wants you to be all be created you to be
  • God will do His part, but you must do your part as well
  • Becoming a better you is all about growing, learning, and improving– that’s what assures a fulfilling life.

How To Become A Better You

1. Keep pressing forward

The first key to become a better you is to keep pressing forward. This both means to refuse to be satisfied with where you are and also to refuse to be deterred by the limitations and obstacles that you are facing on your journey towards success.

Pressing forward requires that you identify the negative patterns and cycles that have continued in your family and bloodline and insist that they will not continue with you.

It means insisting you will be the beginning of a new standard and a new bloodline for your generations to come. If you met generational limitations and curses, you must press beyond them and leave generati

onal blessings for your offsprings.

2. Be positive towards yourself

God has forgiven you, God has blessed you and provided all that is needed for you to live the best life. However, the devil does not want you to believe this. He wants to deceive you into believing, thinking and speaking, that you are not good enough, and that your mistakes will haunt you and prevent you from getting into God’s best for your life.

Since you know this, if you must continue to become a better you, you must refuse to team up with the devil in speaking negatively about yourself. You must daily remind yourself of all God has equipped you with true positive self-affirmations, and taking away every negative inner dialogue that is trying to hold you down.

Once you can change your view of yourself and adopt a positive self-image, you can begin a journey towards living a fulfilled life and becoming a better you.

3. Develop better relationships

Relationships can be viewed as a bank account which you cannot make withdrawal from except you have deposited into. Make it a point of duty to daily deposit into every relationship around you— deposits such as a smile, some kind words, a little gift, a listening ear or anything that will help others.

You don’t necessarily need to spend an hour daily to really make enough deposit to the relationships around you, but the little kind gestures will sum up and amount into great benefits for you afterwards.

Every relationship you deposit into now you will make huge withdrawals from in the future.

Always insist on keeping the strife out of your life and relationships. Forgive people, allow hurts to go, stand always as the peacemaker, both in your family and in every relationship you find yourself. Relationships are necessary if you must become a better you.

4. Form better habits

Your habits, the things you do daily, add up to become the outcome of your life. If you have a continuous strain of negative habits, it’s going to affect your life negatively in the future. The key to destroying negative habits is to stop feeding them; everything you don’t feed will die.

Stop feeding your old habit and begin to develop positive habits. Consciously create habits that will empower you and make you become a better you: train your mind to see good in everything, train yourself to not be distracted by your critics knowing that not everyone will agree with you in the things you do.

Instead of responding to criticism and hatred with more hate or frustration, cheer yourself on and seek for fresh ways to use the gifts talents and resources God has given you.

Consciously drop the false sense of responsibility, trying to make everyone happy: you can only make yourself happy. Although you should be kind to everyone around you, you are not responsible for the actions and attitudes of others.

5. Embrace the place where you are

God is able and is interested in taking you from where you are to where you should be; but God does not operate in an atmosphere where there is no faith.

Your faith in God’s ability to take you to where you should be is not manifested by living in frustration for where you are and daily “claiming” where you should be. Instead, your faith is manifested in your rest, even in the place where you are; knowing that God is working and will take you to the place you should be.

Look for the glimpses of God’s goodness in the little things of your life, recognise His blessings in nature and recognise the ordinary areas of your life as the work of God— a kind word from a stranger, the rainbow in the sky, a blooming flower in a field.

God has you where you are for a reason and you must trust him because He is directing your steps to where you should be. He is always taking you into a better place and making you become better every day.

6. Develop your inner life

On your journey to living a fulfilling life and becoming a better you, God will continue to direct your steps and call you to order through the voice of your conscience. You must learn to listen when God brings to light some issues in your life that needs amendments, and make the necessary changes for you to move higher.

Pay more attention to your conscience, listening to the still small voice it speaks. The quicker you respond to your conscience, which is God’s leading, the more on-the-path will you be towards becoming a better you. Don’t give excuses for any negative symptoms you see in your life. Instead, dig deep to find the root cause of your problems and address those root causes.

7. Stay passionate about life

To keep driving through life and get to a better place, you need to set up structures that will keep you passionate about life. Develop a habit of smiling on purpose, always keep a song of joy in your heart despite the circumstances that come your way.

Always have a grateful attitude, knowing that everyday is a gift and a proof that God is still working things out for you good. Extend your faith beyond just believing that God will do something, and begin to actively expect that God will do something.

Go out each day expecting the favour of God in your life; expect to live a long, healthy and prosperous life. Fill your life with healthy actions and eliminate unhealthy actions, attitudes or lifestyle as a proof of your expectation of God’s goodness and favour to you.

Generational Blessing by Joel Osteen

We are very much aware of generational curses but we do not pay enough attention to the reality of generational blessings. Abraham obeyed God and in blessing him God said his seed shall be blessed also. Abraham’s lineage came under God’s blessings through the obedience of faith of one man.

You can be that one man for your lineage that will stop the flow of negative patterns through your bloodline and initiate positivity.

Every step you take towards the right direction, every bad habit you break and good one you form, every Divine instruction you obey not only benefits you, it is laying up a future and determining the course of your generation.

Personal Notes and Insights

  • People will not necessarily remember everything you did to them, but they will remember how they felt from what you did. The accumulation of these feelings is what will determine their response to you when you need them.
  • Faith is not reminding God every second what He says He’ll do for you; there’s the rest dimension of faith, where you can hand over your life to Him and wait, just wait and expect what He’ll do.

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