8 Steps To Influence People (Principles of National Influence) by Myles Munroe

How To Influence People Into The Kingdom of God Without Becoming A Preacher

Key Concepts 

  • You should not impose you should attract 
  • Culture is not on land but in people
  • The goal of God is to have enough Kingdom people in a place that the Kingdom’s culture permeates the environment 
  • God’s strategy for spreading his Kingdom is colonization and the evidence of colonization is culture 
  • The number one tool to win souls is wisdom
  • Never tell a sinner he is a sinner because he knows already; show him hope instead 
  • The two strongest forces that create influence are success and wealth; when you have these two you will influence people naturally.

God’s number one strategy for bringing the world into the Kingdom of God is influence. God sent man to influence the earth with a culture but influence is not imposition. You do not tell people what to do, you only permeate their environment and let your lifestyle rub off on them. 

In the history of the Romans whenever they wanted to take their culture to a new environment, they sent 300 people to that environment. Statistically, 300 people are enough to create a particular culture in an environment strong enough that the culture begins to rub off on the other people around there.

But culture is not on land, it is in people. You do not create the Kingdom’s culture by changing the environment but by affecting the people in that environment. 

God’s strategy for establishing the Kingdom of God on earth is colonization and the proof of colonization is culture — the culture of the colonizing kingdom displayed on the colonized people.

The Kingdom Keys For Influence

The two primary forces that cause influence are success and (honest) wealth. If you are successful in any area, you will have influence in that area. If you have honest wealth, you will also have influence. You should never chase becoming influential; influence is not an end but a byproduct of success and wealth. 

Once you become successful in any area or wealthy, you will naturally influence people. The systems of the world always submit to these two forces. 

Because of this, the number one tool we need to win souls for God is wisdom, not preaching, tracts, tongues, or power (Proverbs 11:30). You need wisdom on how to influence people and cause them to adopt your culture — Kingdom culture without them knowing. 

God used wisdom in bringing Jesus as a man, not as a fiery being so He could easily influence men. Paul said he became all things to all men. You must get to people’s level to influence them (Matthew 10:16). Never tell a sinner he is a sinner because he knows already. Instead, tell him about the hope he has to be free because he does not see that.

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The Goals Of Influence by Dr. Myles Munroe

1. To communicate the message of the Kingdom to the market

This is the reason why everyone must be committed to fulfilling their purpose. As you use your giftings as a businessman, your assignment is to influence other businessmen with Kingdom culture, and remember you cannot influence if you do not have success or wealth. 

So you must be committed to learning the principles that bring success in your field and commit to being excellent at your job to put you in a position where you can easily influence other people in your market.

2. To communicate the message in the language of the market 

As a part of the market or field, you should use the language of the industry to illustrate the message of the Kingdom. Make them see how the kingdom applies to their day-to-day life.

3. To convince not to offend 

As much as possible, you must try not to offend unbelievers when trying to win them to Christ. When they are offended they will fight back but they will easily open up to your influence when you are a friend (Proverbs 18:19).

4. To impact not to impose

You should not force your beliefs or convictions about God and the Kingdom on people. Instead, you present it to them through your lifestyle and make them desire what you have. People will always reject what you impose on them.

5. To create reason not rejection 

You should meet people at the point of their reason and let them understand for themselves how Kingdom life is what they need. Again, you do not impose your will, you allow them to reason by appealing to their reason or meeting them at their pain points.

6. To win friends before converts

You make a friend when you become interested in their interests. If you want to help someone, you do not attack them. Instead, you show them love. Once you have a track record of seeking their interests and showing them love, they will be more open to your ideology of the Kingdom. People are open to their friends, so become a friend.

How To Present Yourself To People To Influence Them

1. Understand their concepts and interests

Learn to see things from people’s perspectives. If someone is doubting God because their mum who believed God got killed, do not tell them that God will take them to Heaven or give them wealth. Understand their ideologies, pain points, and desires so you can bring in your message with wisdom. Seek to understand them first before telling them what you understand.

2. Never confuse truth with scripture text

What you are to communicate as a witness is the message of the Kingdom, not biblical texts. The truth is in the text but not the text. This is evident in the fact that the Bible has been translated into several languages but it still transforms life in those languages. It shows that you do not have to quote the exact words in the Bible to speak to people, what you should prioritize is the principles behind the text.

3. Use illustrations they can identify with 

Since you have understood the concepts, language, and interest of the market and you also understand that scripture text is not the same as scripture truth, you should use illustrations from around them to explain the truth as it relates to them. 

Jesus used many illustrations of farming while on earth because the primary occupation of His market was farming. You must not use farming illustrations when talking to Tech guys. Use illustrations they can relate to to present the truth behind the text of scriptures.

4. Focus on principles rather than facts 

Rather than telling people, this is wrong and that is right, focus on Kingdom principles and how they influence action. One natural law, for instance, is that no two males can make a baby. Based on that law, it is obvious that homosexuality is not supported by God or nature. 

Also, a Kingdom principle is that nothing should master you or take control of your mind (1 Corinthians 6:12).  This principle, therefore, makes cigarette smoking inexpedient. 

If you dwell on facts, people can always find other facts to counter you, but principles cannot be changed. Always ask yourself, what principle is guiding this rule?

5. Quote your sources as references and not words of a religious book.

Because the principles are more important than who said it, you do not have to tell an unbeliever what “Apostle Paul” said. If you want to quote Apostle Paul, you can say a 4th-century leader and Jesus, a Jewish rabbi.

6. Place your reference in a historical context, not a religious frame

Since everything contained in the Bible actually happened, you are simply giving historical accounts not Bible or religious stories. In the same way nobody rejects the stories of ancient Greece because they know they are historical events, your Bible references will be accepted when you present them as historical events. 

To do this, you must understand the historical context of the Bible yourself —  which country which event happened, and at what time.

7. Cite sources outside Biblical text too 

Since what you are presenting is the truth, not texts, you can cite what other authorities have said that explains the principles of scripture you are presenting. The power is in the message. Apostle Paul quoted Jewish poets.

8. Focus on Kingdom values and morals, not traditions 

There are a lot of Church and cultural traditions that you have adopted that are not necessarily Kingdom values and morals. What you are to present are the values of the Kingdom only, not the doctrines of a denomination or culture of an environment. 

Patterns of dressing are more of cultural values than Kingdom values so that should not be your priority.

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