71 Positive Affirmation To Release Guilt and Shame (Affirmation For Shame)

Shame is a deep feeling of inadequacy that constantly clouds the unconscious mind of shame based individuals. This feeling always assures or reminds the individual that something is wrong with them, that they don’t (and worse, can’t) match up with certain standards they project for their life.

Shame is a lingering consciousness. Most victims don’t recognise they have shame-based thought patterns because of the natural and logical disguise in which they come. These thought patterns always produce reasons and prove why the individual is bad. Shame is different from guilt which comes as a result of something wrong a person perceives they have done or caused.

Difference Between Shame and Guilt

Guilt, most times, can be gotten over when the individual thinks they have not ‘made up’ for the wrong they have done but shame on the other hand doesn’t focus on an act but on the person. If you have shame-based thought patterns, you will fight yourself and condemn yourself when you do something you think you shouldn’t do.

While guilt says, This thing I did was wrong. I shouldn’t have done it. I’m deeply sorry. Shame says I have done another wrong. I am always wrong. I can’t be any good. I am a total mess just as I have always been.

Causes of Shame-based Thought Patterns

Shame-based thought patterns are formed majorly from our childhood.

People who grow up in abusive environment can easily get the message that they are undeserving, inadequate and inferior. In other words, that they should feel ashamed. –Verywell mind

Shame-based thought patterns are also common to people who have suffered from traumatic experiences in the past like the loss of a loved one or rape. Their inner critic picks up the experience and tries to make them see how their bad self is the originator of all the dark moments. To understand how the inner critic works and how to make it work for you, read this.

Freedom from shame-based thought patterns is possible but it takes time. The conditioning of the mind to those mindsets didn’t come at once so it will also take time to recondition the mind into right thinking. This is where self-affirmation comes in.

What Is Affirmation For Shame?

Affirmation for shame is the journey to convincing yourself (your inner critic) that you are not bad and there is nothing wrong with you because, really, there is nothing wrong with you.

Now, over to the shame breaking affirmations you should declare over yourself daily.

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71 Affirmations For Guilt and Shame

1. I am not inadequate. There is nothing wrong with me.

2. I am beautiful and worthy of admiration

3. I am worthy of respect and honour

4. There is nothing to be ashamed of in me

5. I am not a pack of junks

6. I am valuable, skillful and talented

7. I can produce good results and positive impact

8. I add sauce everywhere I enter

9. I possess solutions to people’s problems

10. I am not the cause of bad happenings

11. I am a big deal

12. I am lovable

13. People don’t hate me

14. I am not messed up

15. The world is not against me

16. My past to does not define me

17. I am in control of my life

18. Things will still work out for me

19. I am intelligent

20. I am productive

21. I am needed

22. God is on my side

23. All things are working for my good

24. I am forgiven

25. I am free

26. I am likable

27. I am friendly

28. I can still live happy and I choose to live happy

29. I still have healthy relationships

30. I am worthy

31. Whatever happened to me hasn’t marred my personality

32. I am still good

33. I am bold and confident

34. My scars are becoming a ministry

35. I rise above all limitations

36. I rise above negativity and fear

37. I face life with optimism

38. My best days are ahead of me

39. I am helping others to get out of shame

40. My presence doesn’t bring evil

41. God has invested His love in me

42. I am shining and admirable

43. Everybody wants me on their team

44. I am continually growing

45. My pasts are behind me and can’t stop me

46. I am qualified

47. I fulfill my destiny

48. Every experience I have had will help me help others

49. I keep getting better daily

50. I am not in a competition with anyone

51. I am unique and gifted for my purpose

52. I am not disgusting

53. I am not destructive

54. I don’t hate good

55. I am sane and reasonable

56. I am not beyond repair

57. I am full of joy and positivity

58. I am favoured by everyone

59. I love people

60. I am friendly

61. I am not boring

62. I am perfectly fit for my assignment

63. I am not faulty

64. I’m not always at fault

65. I have a good sense of judgement

66. I am creative

67. I am not a write-off

68. People admire me and the things I possess and do

69. I don’t live in shame

70. I love who I am

71. There’s no need to hide my face. I won’t hide anymore

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All these statements are true as one who God has chosen and forgiven. You possess more good than you know of. You have been made a totally new person; don’t join the devil is saying you are what you really are not. You are free to be good because Christ has made you so. Now, declare this statements over your life as many times daily. Read How To Become A Self-Affirmation Pro for practical steps in maximizing these affirmations.

You are free from shame!

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