62 Inspiring Myles Munroe Quotes on Money, Wealth, and Business

One of the key concepts in the Kingdom of God is the purpose and place of resources and money. Every resource and money in the kingdom is a personal property of God the King and the Lord. Dr. Myles Munroe taught quite extensively about money and Kingdom resources and the mindset we should hold concerning them.

I have explained the principles that govern the release and use of resources in the Kingdom in this article

Below are 62 Inspiring Quotes on Money, Wealth, and Business. Check for my gift to you at the end of this post.

Myles Munroe Quotes on Money Wealth and Business

1. Poor people think about money, rich people think about things, wealthy people think about ideas

2. Money is pursued, riches are accumulated, wealth is created

3. Poor people collect money, rich people store money, wealthy people multiply money

4. God does not give wealth. He gives ideas, schemes, concepts, and projects

5. If you can produce something it will never run out

6. The difference between the rich and the poor is sight (vision)

7. There is a business within everyone because you are created to dominate in an area of gifting

8. If you don’t deploy yourself, you will be employed by others

9. Every problem is a business

10. You must refine your product; unrefined product does not make you rich

11. If you become a person of value, the world will pay you to be yourself

12. Nobody is poor in God’s Kingdom

13. In God’s Kingdom wealth is the personal property of the King

14. The King only gives resources to the colony to accomplish His purposes

15. If God cannot get it through you, He won’t get it to you

16. Every Kingdom citizen is responsible and accountable to the King for the use and management of His resources

17. Money is the most powerful force on earth after God; more powerful than Satan

18. You are to work for purpose, not money

19. Wealth is a byproduct of Kingdom thinking

20. Money will last in your life until you pay for something

21. Tithing and giving don’t necessarily get you out of poverty; you must know how to think even while you are giving

22. Work does not attract money— management does

23. How well you manage what you have determines how much more you will get

24. Money and resources is a trust 

25. Money and resources are a gift 

26. The quantity you receive is determined by your ability to manage 

27. Resources demand your own creativity to be multiplied

28. Poverty is a lack of creativity 

29. Money must work for you, not you for it. You should work for purpose

30. Money is not for hoarding but for investing 

31. Saving is different from hoarding. Hoarding is hiding money from people; saving is keeping money for a purpose 

32. You will give an account of what you did with money and resources 

33. Resources and money must be multiplied 

34. Money tests your goodness — how well you manage 

35. Resources are the measure of your faithfulness 

36. God watches money! 

37. Resources determine your promotion and influence 

38. Resources and money should never return as given

39. Scarcity mentality restricts effective management 

40. The fear of money and resources will inhibit management 

41. God likes to reduce you to your last to test your attitude towards ownership

42. Mismanagement of money is a result of laziness and wickedness 

43. You will always lose what you mismanage

44. How well you manage material resources shows how well you will manage spiritual resources

45. God designed purpose with its own provision

46. What He purposes He provides for 

47. If we believe we have to use our resources to fulfill vision, we are small dreamers

48. Your provision is hidden until you act on your vision 

49. Excess money is many burdens, sorrows, and headache

59. God does not give us too much or too little. He gives us just enough to fulfil our purpose. 

60. God’s prosperity is not future needs met now 

61. You are as rich as your purpose 

62. Those who are willing to work hard go the extra mile and get deep into wealth

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There you have some quotes on money, wealth, poverty, prosperity, and business by Dr. Myles Munroe.

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