5 Kingdom Principles of Wealth and Business Success by Dr. Myles Munroe

God has put the seed for a business within every person. By design, God created you to dominate the earth in your area of gifting. Within that is your wealth. So, God’s plan for wealth creation for his people is not employment but deployment. 

Deployment is the release of your talents, gifts, and potential to benefit humanity. Once you can become a master in your area of gifting (identifying, refining, and deploying it), you will become successful. You were made to dominate a natural skill. 

Firstly, it is something natural (your wealth is not tied to something you get frustrated doing). Secondly, it is a skill (you must refine that natural ability to a point where you can be rewarded for it). 

These two steps can be summarized as being valuable. Therefore, if you want to become a success, do not seek success. Seek to become a person of value and the world will pay you to be yourself. That is the universal principle of success.

But this is just the first step.

Five Kingdom Keys For Business Success 

At creation, God gave man the instruction to create wealth. Since we understand that dominating in your gifting is what brings wealth, God also showed us how to dominate (Genesis 1:28).

1. Be Fruitful 

To be fruitful does not mean to give birth to children. It means to be productive — to create a product from your refined gift that people can pay for. God asked you to be fruitful (not seedful) because the seed is already in you but the world does not need your seed; they need your fruit. 

You must therefore convert your natural ability at seed form into a product (fruit) that the world can benefit from. Every problem is a business and your seed is an idea. Your ability to turn that seed into a solution is productivity.

2. Multiply

Converting your gift into a product is not enough to create wealth. Your product will not make you wealthy if it cannot be reproduced. You must impact millions directly or indirectly to make millions. 

If you have turned your gift into a book or cookies, reproducing that same quality product over and over again is the next s

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wealth. What you cannot multiply you cannot succe
ed with. If you offer a service, make a product out of it so you can multiply and reproduce.

3. Replenish

After reprod<

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ucing your product, the next step to creating wealth is to distribute it. Having so many products that do not get to the hands of those who need them is no wealth. You must look f
or the best channels to convey your message and products to consumers. The money is in the numbers.

4. Subdue

The last step to creating a mega business from your giftings is to subdue. To subdue means to be in control

. The more control over your products and the market you have, the more wealth you can create. 

You have subdued when you are the

first name that comes to the mind of customers when anyone talks about the product you create. You subdue by niching down. Creating a shoe business will not help y
ou subdue. You will subdue faster when you niche down to baby shoes or sports shoes. I’m sure some names are coming to your mind already. That is subduing. 

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This is the result of the four keys. To dominate means to impact an environment and it will always happen when you are productive, reproductive, distributing, and controlling a niche. These are the four keys, names like Apple, Microsoft, McDonald’s, and KFC among others used in creating multibillion-dollar businesses.


You were born to solve a problem and you will not create wealth until you discover that problem and solve it, applying these Kingdom keys.

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