35 Inspiring Myles Munroe Quotes on Crisis, Tests, and Change

Every individual in life must face some form of crisis in their life. God promised us that (John 16:33). There is no particular situation that can be said to be a crisis whenever it comes to everybody, but every individual must go through their own crisis.

According to Myles Munroe, a crisis is a situation in your life over which you have no control. It is an unanticipated change. This means what might be a crisis to you might not be a crisis to another person depending on the level of control you have over the situation.

I have explored the subject of crisis and how you can overcome every crisis that comes in your life in this article:

Below are 35 Inspiring Quotes from Dr. Myles Munroe on Crisis

Myles Munroe Crisis Quotes

1 A crisis is a situation over which you have no control

2. God does not call anything a crisis 

3. Crises create history. 

4. Your interpretation of crisis is what makes it a crisis 

5. Every crisis is only a season 

6. Change is constant. Nothing is forever except God and His promise

7. The key to success in life is outlasting the season, remaining steady until the season passes.

8. The greatest protection against crisis is expecting it 

9. Being a believer does not insulate you from storms. Crisis is a promise of Jesus.

10. Your faith is only as strong as the tests it survives

11. You won’t get what you don’t confess but once you confess it, you will be tested for it

12. Depression is as a result of the expectation that things will never change

13. Crisis is the cradle for character and promotion

14. Suicide is trying to give a permanent solution to a temporary change

15. There can be change without improvement, but you cannot improve without change

16. Change produces insecurities and the unknown

17. You cannot become who you were born to be except you are willing to change into what you are not

18. The key to overcoming crises or change is effective management

19. Tradition is not truth; tradition is your experience with change

20. Everyone exists in time and change

21. Everyone will be affected by the time and changes they live in

22. Whoever controls and manages time and change will control our experiences in time and change

23. Whoever plans your time and designs the changes in your life creates your future

24. Avoiding engagement with the powers that design and plan our time and change is to surrender to another man’s values, morals, and standards.

25. God controls the measure of test you face

26. How you see crisis determines how you respond to it

27. The bigger the test, the bigger the assignment that follows

28. Every confession of faith invites a test

29. Test and challenges isn’t always a result of sin

30. Faith only manifests through tests

31. Testing your faith is Heaven’s prerequisite for trusting you

32. Don’t confuse the test God allows with the test you create

33. You can either initiate change or be a victim of change

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34. Although times and seasons of change will come, without the mindset of a change agent, you will not emerge as a leader

35. You are an instrument of change not the author of it

There you have a few quotes from Dr. Myles Munroe on Crisis, Tests, and Change I have curated from his teachings over the years.

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