34 Inspiring Myles Munroe Quotes on Success, Failure, Value, and Influence

Success is a concept that has been grossly misunderstood. Several people have several definitions of what they think success is, based on their orientation. But many of these definitions do not match God’s definition.

I have written another article where I explained God’s idea of success and the principles that bring success as learnt from Dr. Myles Munroe. You can read that here:

10 Keys To Personal Success by Dr. Myles Munroe

Below are 34 quotes from Dr. Myles on Success, Failure, Value, and Influence I gathered from being mentored by him since I was 16.

Quotes by Myles Munroe on Success, Failure, Value, and Influence

1. Whenever you are with successful people don’t talk about yourself, ask questions

2. Whoever masters something becomes successful; dominion is mastering

3. What you cannot multiply you cannot succeed in

4. You were born to solve a problem

5. You are God’s response to a need He created. You are the answer to a question God knew your generation would ask

6. If you want to be a success, do not seek success; seek to become a person of value

7. If you become a person of value, the world will pay you to be yourself

8. The greatest enemy of success is not failure but the previous success

9. The greatest failure in life is being successful in the wrong assignment

10. Failure is not always failing to do something. It could be a result of working hard and excellently on the wrong assignment

11. Success in life is (a result of) the effective use of time

12. One of the ways to protect yourself from failure is to do first things first

13. Education in itself does not guarantee anything; it is your gift that is the key to success

14. Success comes in instalments

15. Successful visionaries don’t pursue vision haphazardly

16. Don’t imitate successful people’s lives; follow the established principles

17. The measure of success of your vision is your assignment not what others are doing

18. A successful person is someone who understands, submits to, and adheres to the principles that will carry him to success

19.  It is better to make a decision that will prove to be wrong but which you can learn from than not to make any decision at all and learn nothing. People who succeed try!

20. Influence is subtle but powerful

21. People who change the world have declared independence from other people’s expectations

22. The harder you work, the luckier you become 23. Doing things that take you in the direction of fulfilment is what separates impact makers

24. You will accomplish only what you fight for. There will be resistance, you have to apply pressure.

25. Don’t do what people say will make you wealthy. Do what you were born to do. That is where your money is

26. It is not what you need that is important. Starting with what you have is what makes successful because God will handle the rest

27. You cannot become successful until you are angry at not doing what you know you should be doing

28. You make choices every day that influence your chances of getting at your vision

29. People who are successful are like a tea bag; when they get into hot water, they make it

30. The key to success in life is outlasting the seasons of crisis

31. Traditions are frozen success

32. Failing is not as great as failing to deal with failure effectively

33. No matter who you are, where you are from, or what you can do, you will never become successful unless you adhere to principles

34. Progress is measured by assignment, not by activity

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