34 Inspiring Myles Munroe Quotes on Purpose and Destiny

Even in death, Dr. Myles Munroe remains an authority on the subject of purpose and destiny. God has created every human with a specific purpose that is within His overall program for life.

Your fulfilment and measure of success in life is in discovering and committing to that purpose. I have written another article that can guide you towards purpose discovery here:

Quotes on Purpose and Destiny by Myles Munroe

1. The substance of life is finding God’s purpose and fulfilling it. Until you do that you are not really living.

2. Purpose is that dream that won’t leave you, the passion that won’t quit, the idea that is consistent and persistent and won’t go away

3. The greatest tragedy in life is not death but a life without purpose

4. It is more tragic to be alive and not know why than to be dead and not know life

5. If the purpose of a thing is not known abuse is inevitable

6. A life undefined is not worth living

7. You are born to be known for something. No matter how small the act may be, if you put your whole life into it, it won’t be forgotten

8. God is a God of action based on purpose

9. Your perspective to finances should be God-centred— as a tool to fulfilment of purpose, not tool to luxury

10. Going against purpose may be a personal issue but it is not private— others will be affected

11. Without a sense of purpose you drift along

12. Bored people haven’t found purpose

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13. Your dreams reveal your abilities; acting on your dreams reveals more abilities

14. God tells us where we are going but He rarely tells us exactly how He will take us there. He gives purpose but doesn’t explain the full process

15. No one should prophesy into your future what you are not already thinking about

16. God designed every purpose with its own provision. What He purposes, He provides for.

17. You were not born to have too much or too little. You were born to fulfil purpose

18. You are as rich as your purpose

19. People don’t fulfil purpose because they have no sense of destiny

20. Don’t do what people say will make you wealthy. Do what you were born to do. That is where your money is.

21. Once you put your whole self into something it gives you new hope and purpose

22. Freedom without law results in purposelessness

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23. You cannot become who you were born to be except you are willing to change into what you are not

24. You are to work for purpose not money

25. When the means becomes more important than the end, purpose is aborted

26. Everything in life was created for a purpose with potential to operate by principles

27. Purpose produces potential; potential is protected by principles

28. Purpose without potential is frustration; potential without principles is destruction

29. Violation of principles destroys purpose and potential

30. You are meant to live on a purpose not on a pension

31. You are not going towards your destiny; your destiny is actually pulling you because it is already finished

32. The fact that you are born is evidence that there is something that is already finished that you are supposed to start

33. God made you perfect for your purpose, not for other people’s opinions

34. God didn’t design you to fulfil your purpose by yourself; we need one another.

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There you have some quotes from Dr. Myles Munroe on Purpose and Destiny

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