34 Inspiring Myles Munroe Quotes on Prayer And Fasting

Prayer is an important part of the Kingdom and one of the core principles that govern the Kingdom life on earth. Without the prayers of men, the will of God will not be established on the Earth because God has totally handed over the authority of the Earth to men.

I have explained the principles of effective prayer as learnt from Dr. Myles Munroe in another article. You can read that here:

Below are 34 Inspiring Quotes from Dr. Myles Munroe on Prayer and Fasting I have curated from being mentored by him since I was 16.

Quotes From Dr. Myles Munroe on Prayer and Fasting

1. You must have a dynamic personal prayer life for continual communication and fellowship with the source of vision

2. You will never achieve vision without prayer. If you stay in touch, you will be nourished both in life and vision

3. Meditation is the most important part of prayer

4. Prayer is a command; prayerlessness is disobedience

5. Prayer is a partnership between God and man

6. Without God man cannot and without man God will not

7. Prayer is heavenly licence for earthly interference

8. I can pray for you but can never substitute you in prayer

9. A petition is a legal appeal or demand placed on a government authority based on constitutional right protected by law

10. Fasting changes you; it does not change God

11. More work is done by prayer and fasting than work itself

12. Fasting is the wilful abstinence from natural pleasure for spiritual purposes not just missing a meal

13. Fasting is a personal commitment to renounce the natural to invoke the spiritual

14. Fasting is the dedication to a period of time to devote oneself to the spiritual priority of prayer without food

15. Praying hard doesn’t get prayers heard if you violate the principles

16. God will not give you what you pray for but what you can manage

17. Unanswered prayer is a major obstacle that stands in the way of a life of true faith.

18. A great many believers don’t have successful prayer lives—and successful lives in general— because they simply don’t know how or why to pray.

19. Some Christians know certain principles of prayer, but are not fulfilling their full potential as intercessors because they don’t understand key aspects of prayer.

20. The power of prayer is the inheritance of the believer.

21. Praying without understanding and applying the truths and principles of prayer is ineffective.

22. Prayer is meant to be answered— or God would not ask us to pray. Jesus didn’t pray without expecting to be heard.

23. True prayer builds intimacy with God, honors His nature and character, respects His integrity, believes His Word, trusts in His love, affirms His purposes and will, and appropriates His promises.

24. Prayer is involvement of one’s whole self with God

25. Prayer is the medium through which the human spirit affects and is affected by the will and purpose of the divine Creator.

26. Prayer is not optional. It is essential for the fulfillment of God’s purposes on earth.

27. Prayer is man giving God the freedom to intervene in earth’s affairs.

28. When we know God’s purpose and will, when we are obedient to it, and when we ask God to fulfill it, God will grant what we ask of Him.

29. When Adam and Eve broke their relationship with God, their effectiveness in prayer was also broken.

30. True prayer is maintained through oneness of heart and purpose with God. 

31. God sometimes doesn’t answer our prayers because He understands how powerful the principle of faith is and knows that what we’re asking for wouldn’t be good for us.

32. Faith is active belief. It is a point of action or belief combined with expectation

33. God wants the same communion with us that He had with Jesus, so that we will naturally manifest His works.

34. Prayer is more important than all the other activities of the day. Through prayer, God gives guidance, wisdom, and discernment for fulfilling His will and purposes.

35. Never ask God for something you are not willing to go after

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There are some of Dr. Myles Munroe’s quotes on prayer and fasting

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