29 Inspiring Myles Munroe Quotes on Character, Values, Integrity and Morals

According to Myles Munroe, character is a commitment to a set of values without compromise. It is a self-imposed discipline for the sake of your moral conviction and a constant effort to integrate your words and actions.

Character is at the bedrock of effective leadership because people cannot allow you to influence them if they don’t trust you and they can’t trust you unless you have character.

I have explained the importance and how to build character in this article:

Below are 29 Inspiring Quotes on Character by Dr. Myles Munroe

Myles Munroe Quotes on Character

1. A person of character does not live on what is popular but on principles

2. People will not follow you if they don’t trust you; character attracts loyalty

3. Character is a commitment to a set of values without compromise

4. Character is the dedication to a set of standards without wavering

5. There is no excuse for breaking of standards

6. Character is self-imposed discipline for the sake of moral conviction

7. Character is a constant effort to integrate your words, deeds and actions as one

8. Character is sacrifice for principles

9. Character is integrity

10. God gave His image before dominion because character is more important than power

11. A person of character recognizes that his life is personal but not private

12. Your life gives weight to your words and character protects your words

13. The only way to test character is by temptation

14. Tempting will constantly be in your life to monitor your character

15. Your character is as strong as the temptation you fell for

16. A person of character does not care if you find out about their private life

17. Your belief system creates your values, your values create your morals, your morals create your ethics, your ethics create your character and your character creates your lifestyle.

18. Vision without values is destiny without discipline

19. Whenever you want to do something you don’t want anyone to find out, you are in danger

20. Character is revealed when your values, morals and beliefs are tested

21. Character is manifested under pressure

22. You don’t believe what you believe until you are tested to break it

23. Failure in leadership is in closing your account of trust

24. Violation of the trust account by a self-imposed destruction of integrity and character cannot be restored merely by forgiveness

25. Character is displayed in public but tested in secret

26. Trust is a gift; it is earned by consistency of character

27. The most powerful force of a leader is character

28. Character protects a leader’s life, legacy and leadership

29. To educate a man’s mind without his morals is to create a menace to society

30. It is the person who has accepted to obey laws that becomes a person of character

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There you have some quotes by Myles Munroe on character and values. I gathered them from several years of being a student of Dr. Myles Munroe.

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