26 Powerful Myles Munroe Quotes on the Holy Spirit

All through his lifetime, Dr. Myles Munroe taught greatly about the Kingdom of God and God’s agenda of colonising the earth with the culture of Heaven. But the agenda of colonisation cannot be fulfilled without the ministry of the Holy Spirit— the Governor of the Kingdom and the Most Important Person on Earth.

I have explored the ministry of the Holy Spirit as the Governor in this post:

Below are 26 Powerful Quotes from Dr. Myles Munroe on the Holy Spirit

Myles Munroe Holy Spirit Quotes

1. The Holy Spirit is present in the deadest church but they won’t see any activity without God’s word being taught.

2. Every action of God comes first by the movement of the Holy Spirit.

3. After the Holy Spirit is positioned over your life, He is waiting for the word of God 

4. God’s Spirit gives man’s spirit instructions, man’s soul then takes God’s will as his will, and instructs his mind, which then affects his emotions for the man to take action. 

5. You can have the person of the Holy Spirit without the baptism in the Holy Spirit

6. The baptism in the Holy Spirit enables human beings to prove the King’s claim and demonstrate the Kingdom’s presence

7. Baptism in the Holy Spirit gives human beings the ability to display the glory of the King and His Kingdom

8. Speaking in tongues is one of the ways and the primary way to release the pressure of the Holy Spirit you are filled with at the baptism 

9. Speaking in tongues provides for us the kingdom identity, gives us direct communication with the king, is a sign we are connected with the King, and evidence of our citizenship in the Kingdom.

10. Speaking in tongues is a flowing stream that should never run dry 

11. The Holy Spirit is a spirit of order and decency 

12. The Holy Spirit affects our emotions but we can control our emotions 

13. The Holy Spirit does not make anyone fall or shout. It is your way of expressing the power He releases and that can be controlled 

14. Speaking in tongues is not something the Holy Spirit does but you do as He releases the utterance 

15. The gift of the Holy Spirit is more important than the possessor of the gift 

16. The gifts of the Holy Spirit are given but the fruit of the Holy Spirit is cultivated. The fruit is more important than the gift

17. You do not pray for the fruit of the Spirit. You possess them at New Birth and manifest them naturally

18. The Holy Spirit is the difference between a religious churchgoer and a child of God

19. You do not need the baptism in the Holy Spirit to get to Heaven but to stay on Earth. You need the Holy Spirit to get to Heaven

20. You receive authority-power at a New Birth and receive dynamite-power at the baptism in the Holy Spirit 

21. There is no monopolising of the gift of the Holy Spirit. He gives and takes from anyone He wants 

22. The Holy Spirit is the most important person on earth

23. The most important work on Earth is the work of the Holy Spirit

24. Your relationship with the Holy Spirit is a personal one. He counsels you on what is right or wrong and is the only Person’s approval you should seek

25. You can prophesy without being a prophet. The Holy Spirit can release His gift to anybody

26. Do not seek the gift of the Holy Spirit because you want them; they are not to entertain you. Seek them because you need them for ministry

There you have a few of Myles Munroe Quotes on the Holy Spirit I have curated from his teachings over the years.

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