21 Inspiring Dr. Myles Munroe Quotes on Faith

There can be no relationship with God without faith. In fact, God clearly states in His word that it is impossible to please Him without faith. Dr. Myles Munroe gave us a number of insightful teachings on the subject of Kingdom Faith.

I have covered how you can build and use kingdom faith in this article:

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Below are 21 inspiring quotes from Dr Myles Munroe on faith

Quotes from Myles Munroe on Faith

1. God sometimes doesn’t answer our prayers because He understands how powerful the principle of faith is and knows that what we’re asking for wouldn’t be good for us.

2. Faith is active belief. It is a point of action or belief combined with expectation

3. Living by faith requires looking at the unseen, because everything that is, was in God; and everything you could be is in you now, waiting for you to make demands on it by faith in God.

4. Faith is not some spooky experience. It’s simply knowing that what you can’t see is there.

5. Faith never deals with what you have done, but with what you yet could do.

6. Faith is not geared to what does not exist—it relates to everything that is not seen.

7. There are blessings God wants to give us in this life, in the present day. If we think they are all in the future, we will not exercise our faith to see their fulfillment in our lives now. Where faith is not applied, fulfillment cannot be given.

8. When you receive the Word, your faith grows.

9. Mental assent looks so much like faith that many people cannot see the difference between the two. Mental assent means intellectually accepting the Word as true—admiring it and agreeing with it—but not allowing it to have an impact on you, so that it doesn’t do you any good. In essence, mental assent agrees with God but does not believe God.

10. This means that faith and sense knowledge are not compatible.

11. Faith comes and increases as we

hear and believe the Word and put it into practice.

12. When you pray for faith, you are praying to believe. I don’t think you can pray to believe. Either you believe or you don’t believe.

13. We receive what God has promised us when we pray. Having faith means speaking and affirming this fact until the answer manifests.

14. Biblical hope is based on faith because it is the confident anticipation of the ultimate fulfillment of that faith. 

15. For the rest of your life, your goal should be to build your faith because the Bible makes it clear that faith is how we live

16. Faith is the result of dwelling in and on the Word of God.

17. The devil uses that guilt to undermine your faith; when you pray, your faith is weak, and so your prayers aren’t answered.

18. Fear immobilises you. It drains the energy from your body. It is worry without profit. It is faith in what could go wrong rather than faith in what could go right

19. It is not the size of your faith that counts—it is the size of your God. If you believe, you activate heaven.

20. Living by faith sometimes means saying what seems to us like the strangest things. 

21. If you have faith in God’s Word, God will take what is “impossible” and make it seem like an everyday thing.

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