14 Best Gift Ideas For Female Therapists/Counselors They Will Love

Finding the right gifts to appreciate people who have contributed to your life in some ways can be sometimes difficult.

It becomes even more difficult for professionals in a field you’re not used to. Below are 13 gift ideas for female therapists and counselors that they will love and appreciate.

Best Gifts For Female Therapists/Counselors

1. Seat Cushion Pillow For Office Chairs

Because therapists get to sit down alot, they can develop back pains if their sits are not well balanced. However, with this seat cushion pillow you can leave a lasting impression to show your appreciation to them.

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2. Lap Desk (With Phone Holder and Device Ledge)

During sessions with clients, therapists need to document their observations and plan of actions. But they usually don’t have a desk in front of them so they can monitor their clients’ nonverbal communication. This lapdesk wil be a invaluable piece they will really appreciate you for.

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3. Amazon Echo Dot

Listening to music is not only a means of entertainment. It is therapeutic as well. Having a music player can help your counselor relax and it will also be beneficial for their clients.

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4. Self Inking Stamp

This self inking stamp comes in handy when your therapist wants to lend some materials or resources to their clients. The stamps will be customized to the therapist’s name with any of 4 messages you want.

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5. Astro AI Mini Fridge

This mini fridge is very popular in keeping a minimalist office space. Without clogging up the office environment, your counselor can still get chilled water or fruit juices for themselves and their clients.

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6. Tumbler or Mug for Therapists

One vital factor that determines hows therapy sessions are is the ability of the therapist to keep the client talking, known as facilitation. You can gift this mug to a female counselor or therapist as a contribution to make their job easier.

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7. Thank You Flower Vase

Since you want them to know they have contributed to your life, there’s no better way to show it than to give them a gift that clearly states it. This flowers vase beautifies their space and heart. It’s a double win. Get on Amazon.

8. Counselor T-shirt

A t-shirt is a great gift idea for a female counselor when you want them to have something that is useful outside their office and practice environment. T-shirts with counseling related inscriptions give them a sense of pride and whenever they wear it. They remember their life has been a blessing to someone. This makes them smile everywhere they go and remember you as well.

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9. Conversation Cubes (for children)

If your counselor or therapist is one who receives children clients, this conversation cubes is a great gift for them. It is a facilitative tool that helps them kick-start conversations with children which can be something challenging for many.

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10. Wheel of Emotion Throw Pillow

The wheel of emotions throw pillow is a gift that will benefit both the therapist and their clients. It can serve as an easy reference point for clients to quickly find words to describe their feelings which aids the work of the professional as well.

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11. You Are Awesome Throw Pillow

Throw pillows are classical gifts that never go wrong. This You Are Awesome Throw Pillow is especially unique because firstly, you are presenting it to your counselor telling them they are awesome. But it also gets to stay in their offices where it can remind clients they are awesome too.

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12. How I’m Feeling Cards

This is another perfect gift for female therapists with children client. It serves the same purpose as the wheel of emotions but this one is designed and broken down to hold children’s attention and aid they’re understanding.

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13. S’well Water Bottle

Your counselor probably already has a water bottle but this one is a great gift because it maintains the temperature of the liquid for an outstanding time. It also comes in fashionable looks that are beautiful to carry around.

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14. Badass Counselor Mug

This Badass Counselor Mug is a great way to praise your therapist for being present as a counselor to you. It shows that you acknowledge their contribution to your life.

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Great Gifts For Female Therapists and Counselors

You should understand that the act of giving is more appreciated than the gift itself. We helping professionals rarely get people who think it great to get gifts for us.

Many conclude they money they pay is enough good. But for those who go out of their ways to get gifts, it really goes a long way to give us a sense of satisfaction and motivation, no matter what the gift it.

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