13 Principles of Kingdom Prosperity, Resources and Money by Myles Munroe

Resources in God’s Kingdom, just like in every kingdom, are personal properties of the King. Certain principles govern how resources are accessed and how they must be used. Obedience to these principles determines if God will release His resources to you.

Below are the 13 Principles that govern wealth, resources, money, and prosperity in the Kingdom of God.

1. Money and resources are a trust

God only releases resources and money to those He trusts. Possession of Kingdom resources is not something you can earn. You gain God’s trust by how effectively you manage the resources that are available to you currently— whether yours or that of another person in your care.

2. Money and resources are a gift

Since God is the Lord or Owner of every resource and money in the Kingdom, whatever you receive is a gift and you must continually acknowledge Him as the Owner and the Giver.

3. The quantity of money and resources you receive is determined by your ability to manage

Management is the process of earning the trust of the King. Management is the effective, efficient, correct, and timely use of another person’s property and resources for the purpose for which they were delegated to produce the expected added value.

God will not give you what you prayed for. He will only give you what you can manage and have proven to be faithful with.

4. Money and resources demand your creativity to multiply

Poverty is a lack of creativity. When God releases His resources to you, He expects of you to think of ways to multiply that resources. For instance, He never gave man a chair, He gave him trees and man is to use his creativity to make a chair out of it.

God expects you to come up with creative ways to multiply the little money you have. Multiplication of the money you possess is effective management and what opens you to the next level of supplies.

5. Money must work for you, not you for it.

You should work for purpose while money works for you. Resources are provided to assist you in fulfilling God’s purpose for your life. The moment the object of your pursuit in life becomes money, you are violating the principle of addition (Matthew 6:33) and you are cut off from God’s supply.

But if you commit to the pursuit of purpose, resources will be added to you.

6. Money is not for hoarding but for investing

Saving is not hoarding. You save to keep money for a purpose but you hoard to keep money from people. God gives you His blessings so you can invest them and be a blessing unto others. Once you become the end of the flow, the flow ends.

Investment is how you employ money to work for you. You both invest the resources themselves so they can multiply, then you invest in people and causes, fulfilling the assignment of money and resources.

7. You will give an account of what you did with money and resources

Because you are not the Owner of the resources God has entrusted you with, He won’t leave you unquestioned as to how you utilised the resources. One of the qualities of good managers is accountability.

You both give account here on earth when it is time for the next phase of promotion in your life and when you return to God in Heaven.

8. Money and resources must be multiplied

The use of your creativity to multiply the resources you are entrusted with us, not just for increase. It is mandatory. Preserving kingdom resources and keeping them just as they are is ineffective management. Multiplication is a demand. The resources you possess must always be on the increase. Money and resources should never be returned as given

9. Money and resources test your goodness (how well you can manage money resources)

You are only considered “good” in the Kingdom when you effectively manage resources. Whenever God wants to see how good you are, He releases resources to you and watches how you manage them.

10. Money and resources are the measures of your faithfulness

Your faithfulness with money and Kingdom resources also shows your faithfulness to God. If you are truly faithful to God, you will be faithful with resources. Jesus says you only get the True Riches of the Kingdom if you faithfully handle money. How well you manage material resources shows how well you will manage the spiritual resources.

11. How well you manage money and resources determines your promotion and influence

Since lack of faithfulness with material resources also means a lack of faithfulness with spiritual resources, God will limit your level of influence if you don’t manage resources effectively. Remember, effective management is what earns God’s trust. If you are not trusted you won’t be promoted.

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