10 Steps To Overcome Every Crisis In Your Life by Dr. Myles Munroe

How To Overcome Seasons Of Crisis 

Key Concepts

  • A crisis is a situation over which you have no control
  • God does not call anything a crisis 
  • Crises create history. 
  • Your interpretation of crisis is what makes it one 
  • Every crisis is only a season 
  • The greatest protection against crisis is expecting it 
  • The key to overcoming crises or change is effective management

Summary of Overcoming Crisis PDF by Myles Munroe

Every individual in life must face some form of crisis in their life. There is no particular situation that can be said to be a crisis whenever it comes to everybody, but every individual must go through their own crisis. 

A crisis is a situation in your life over which you have no control. It is an unanticipated change. This means what might be a crisis to you might not be a crisis to another person depending on the level of control you have over the situation. 

God does not call anything a crisis because He has absolute control over every situation that can arise. Even the rebellion of Lucifer and the voidness of Earth were not a crisis to Him because He was still in charge of the situations. Therefore, what you call a crisis in your life is not really a crisis.

The Purpose of Crisis – Myles Munroe

Although many crises tear people apart, crises are actually created for our benefit. Every crisis is an opportunity for character building and promotion. History is created by crisis, there is no person who is celebrated today who did not go through one form of crisis or the other. 

In fact, the celebration they receive is celebrating the fact that they overcame their crisis. Crisis is the only route to promotion and you get that promotion by overcoming the crisis. 

Being a child of God does not exempt you from crisis. Crisis is a promise Jesus gave believers just like He promised us peace. He said in this world you will have many troubles (John 16:33). It is a promise. To try to avoid a crisis is to move out of God’s agenda but crises are inevitable.

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Seasons of Crisis – Dr Myles Munroe

You must understand that a crisis is only for a season. Although a crisis is inevitable, it will never last forever. No matter how fierce or grave the situation you are going through is, it can only last for a season and once the season is over, it will leave. 

Since crises are inevitable, the greatest protection you can have against a crisis is to expect it. If you expect that a crisis will come, you would not be caught unawares by it and the impact it will have on you will not be too severe. 

Expecting a crisis is not anti-faith. Jesus told his disciples in John 16:1-4 that they should expect tribulation so that when they finally come, they will remember that He told them about it and it would not break them down. 

Now, whatever you call a thing is what it becomes for you. If you call a crisis and season to mess up your life, so it will be but if you see a crisis as an opportunity for promotion and growth, you will be able to position yourself to grow through the crisis by overcoming it. 

The key to success in crisis and life is outlasting the seasons of crisis — remaining strong and steady, sticking to what you believe, and standing until the season is over. The strength of your faith is revealed by the kinds of tests it survives. 

Whenever you declare a thing, situations must arise to test how strong your stand is on what you have said. The irony in the Kingdom is that you cannot get anything without confessing it, but once you confess it you will be tested for it.

The Principle of Management – Myles Munroe

The secret key to overcoming crises is effective management. God gave Adam a management mandate after creating him. In Genesis 2:5, the Bible tells us God did not allow vegetation to grow or rain to fall because there was no man to manage the Earth. So He had to form a man first, then plant the garden and other things. 

To manage means to effectively, efficiently, correctly, and timely use another person’s resources and property for the purpose which they were delegated with a view to producing the expected added value. 

When it comes to your life, you must understand that all the resources you have are not yours, they are God’s. To manage the crisis you must therefore effectively, efficiently , correctly, and timely use the resources at your disposal to make the most of the situation you are in and come out victorious.

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10 Steps To Rising Above Crisis by Myles Munroe

1. Initiate solutions 

Whenever you are in a crisis, watching what will come out at the end of the crisis will only leave you grounded. You need to initiate a solution or solutions. Sit down and brainstorm possible ways to get out of the situation you find yourself in. 

Every person that was promoted through a crisis was promoted for the solution(s) they brought to the situation at hand and God will not take action for you. You have to take action or nothing will be done.

2. Place demands on your potential 

To come up with applicable solutions in a situation you have never been through before, you will need to do things you have never done or did not even know you could do. The reason crisis builds character is because it stretches you to lengths you have not gone before. In search of solutions you will have to go to (legal) lengths you have not gone to before.

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3. Test the creativity of your team 

Even if it is a personal crisis that involves only you, it is still ideal to seek solutions from others. People can always open your eyes to solutions you would never have thought of on your own. Testing the creativity of your team becomes even more important when it is a corporate crisis. 

Amazing ideas can come up when several people are thinking about the way out of a situation.

4. Believe in your ability to solve problems 

It is easy to cave in and think there is nothing you can do, probably because you have never done anything of such before or you have never experienced such a grave situation before, but you have the ability to solve problems. You have access to God’s mind and God is a master problem-solver. Believe in His ability in you. 

To maintain access to divine ideas, you must maintain a righteous life. God only reveals things to those who walk uprightly.

5. Look at what you have not what you do not have

You can easily get engrossed in what you “need” and do not have, that you do not see what you have. But to overcome a crisis, you have to shut your mind to anything you do not have and center on what you already have. 

Remember management is effectively, efficiently, correctly, and timely using the resources at your disposal. You do not need what you do not have to get out of where you are.

6. Study what you have

Now that you understand you can only utilize what you have, you must take a close look at what you have. Take some time out in brainstorming all the resources you possess. Your resources include your spiritual, physical, and material resources, resources of the soul, and time. To make it more practical, you can list out each of the resources you have and how they can help you out of the situation.

7. Look for the potential of your resources

This is the result of studying them. There is always more you can do with what you have than you have done. There are things the people around you can do or wiser ways you can use your time and the little money left. 

If you look deeper into the resources you have, you will discover the potentials they possess to get you out of your situation. Remember you do not need what you do not have to get out of where you are.

8. See beyond the norm

As much as you are looking at your resources, potential, and environment, that is not all there is. You are a citizen of God’s Kingdom with a Kingdom assignment and access to the commonwealth of God’s Kingdom. 

See yourself in that light, consider your stand in the Kingdom, how that situation can promote God’s Kingdom, your kingdom responsibilities to trigger the move of God, and your stand with the Government. God uses crisis to reduce us to Him.

9. Understand the true nature of resources

You need to understand what your God-given resources are and how they operate. After identifying the five types of resources at your disposal, you must understand that God only releases more resources when the ones you have are well-managed. 

The reason all you need to move forward is what you have is that until you effectively utilize what you have, God will not release more. But the moment you take the first step with what you have, the resources needed for the next will be provided. Effective management is truly the key to overcoming any crisis.

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10. Act in faith

You can gain all this understanding, do all the study, and come up with solutions. But unless you truly act based on what you have, nothing will happen. Nobody ever overcame a crisis by sitting down. Jeremiah overcame the crisis of the fallen wall of Jerusalem by acting and remaining in action until the victory was gotten. Your victory is in what you do.

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7 Ways To Manage Financial Crisis by Myles Munroe

One of the crises that have the strongest impact on our Society is a financial crisis. Here is some management wisdom to manage a financial crisis

1. Determine your needs

Your needs are different from your wants. Whatever you can do without is not a need, you do not need something because other people have it or expect you to have it.

2. Acquire only what you need

After identifying your needs, you must commit only to buying what you need. Buying things you do not need goes beyond the actual cost of getting them. Usually, you will use more funds to maintain the presence of that thing in your life than the cost of getting it.

3. Do not live beyond your means or ability

4. Withdraw from the unnecessary

5. Delay major projects

Working on major projects in times of crisis will make the impact only more severe. All new major structural or property improvements and domestic installations that have high financial demands should be put on hold till after the crisis.

6. Value your possessions 

Again, there is what you can do with what you have than you are doing currently. You should take stock and look at what you have with fresh eyes and you will see they are more valuable than you actually think. Doing this will both help you cultivate the attitude of gratitude for what you have and help you create a new income upgrade you never thought of.

7. Save, conserve and protect your resources

Wastefulness will always bring poverty even in times when there is no crisis. It becomes even more severe during a crisis. If you do not protect, preserve and save the resources you possess, you will continue to dwindle.

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