10 Principles of Excellence by Myles Munroe (26 Myles Munroe Quotes on Excellence)

One of the ways we can truly manifest as people of God is through excellence. Our God is an excellent God so our lives must show His excellence.

Excellence according to Dr Myles Munroe is defined as highest quality, superior standard, extreme quality, and maximum quality; a constant effort to improve, get better and outdo your previous.

The opposite of excellence is mediocrity and mediocrity is simply doing below your potential at each point. Therefore to become excellent you must constantly seek to maximise all your potential and do your best. If you keep pretending that mediocrity is your best, you will never achieve success.

I have explained how you can maximise all your potential and die empty in this article.

Principles of Excellence- How To Become Excellent by Myles Munroe

To become excellent you must live by these principles daily

  1. Don’t settle for less
  2. Develop a deep commitment to excellence
  3. Possess ethics and integrity
  4. Show genuine respect for others
  5. Always go the extra mile
  6. Be consistent
  7. Never stop improving
  8. Always give 100%
  9. Make excellence a lifestyle
  10. Never compare yourself with others; only with yourself

Quotes by Myles Munroe on Excellence

1. Excellence is not a gift. You are not born with excellence. Excellence is an attitude generated by a spirit.

2. Excellence is defined as highest quality, superior standard, extreme quality, and maximum quality

3. To work as a leader and work less than excellence is working below your true ability

4. An excellent person conquers what average people complain about

5. Excellent people pursue solutions, average before stare at problems

6. Excellence originates in your mind, translates in your speech and demonstrates in your life

7. You don’t have to ask a person if they are excellent, you can tell 

8. Excellence is not imposed from the outside, it is released from the inside

9. Excellent people make improvements not excuses

10. Excellence will cost you what mediocrity will save you

11. The future belongs to those who have the edge in quality in service or quality in products. That what make difference in business

12. Average is the grave in which excellence is buried

13. Average people seek to fit in while excellent people strive to stand out

14. If you keep pretending that mediocrity is your best, you will never achieve success

15. First, you must be the best, then you will be first

16. An excellent spirit does not work because people are watching, it does not work to be known.

17. An excellent spirit is a spirit of integrity. Integrity is the integration of your words and behaviour

18. Excellence produces trust because people watch what you say to see if it matches with what you do

19. Excellence manifests itself in honouring people

20. Excellence is manifested in people who are not afraid of going the second mile

21. An excellent spirit always goes beyond the call of duty. It does things because it believes in impact

22. An excellent person sets high standards for himself

23. People forget how fast you do a job but never how good

24. Excellence is a spirit that is never satisfied. A person of excellence may be impressed by what they have done; but they are never satisfied

25. Excellence is the gradual results of trying to be better

26. An excellent person is always growing because he knows if you grow, everything will get better

27. Excellent people are more concerned with getting ahead than getting home

28. An excellent person goes beyond the call of duty into the realm of personal pride

29. An excellent spirit sees its work as its signature; if you are ashamed of what you have done, no one else should see it.

30. Excellence is a personal choice like attitude; you can choose to be excellent

31. When you look good to yourself, you will be proud to talk

32. If you can’t do it right, don’t do it yet because you only have one time to make a lasting impression

33. You are the manifestation of your own lifestyle of excellence

34. Study class! If you cannot think excellence, you cannot be excellent

35. Quality is not an accident. It is a decision and a result of hard work

36. Excellence is competition with yourself, striving to outdo yourself
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