10 Keys to Personal Success by Myles Munroe (Definition, Principles & Laws of Success) PDF

Success and failure in life are predictable; they are not a matter of luck. This is because life is governed by clearly defined laws that cannot be broken. Success is also a product of obedience to laws.

Any person, in any place, from any background, that obeys the laws of success will become successful. Your success, therefore, matters to God but is not dependent on God.

Although God wants you to succeed because your success protects His integrity as your Manufacturer, He cannot break His laws. This means He cannot do anything to help you if you neglect the laws that bring success.

I have a gift for you that you can use to monitor your compliance with the laws of success and predict your chances of success. I will release it to you at the end of this post.

What is Success by Myles Munroe?

Success is the fulfillment of the assignment or purpose for which you were created. True success is a journey, an installment plan on which you make daily payments until you maximize yourself.

The failure to do your best, to go beyond the expectations of others, to express yourself fully, to live up to your true potential, to extend yourself to the limit of your abilities, to give it all you have, to satisfy your convictions, is called mediocrity.

True success is not how much you have done compared to others but what you have done compared to what you could have done. It is competition with yourself.

Principle of Success by Myles Munroe

The principle of success according to Myles Munroe states that: to become a success, do not seek to be a success. Seek to become a person of value. Success is not what you pursue but what you attract as a result of who you become.

10 Keys To Personal Success by Myles Munroe (10 Laws of Success)

1. Purpose (Destiny)

Purpose is the reason for which you were created by God. Success in itself is the fulfillment of purpose. If you do not discover why you were created, you cannot work towards it and cannot be successful. To discover your purpose, you must go back to God, your Creator, to get His blueprint for your life.

Since the success of every product is in fulfilling the intent of the manufacturer, as God’s creation, your success is in fulfilling God’s intent not your desires for your life. Start here to understand the principles of purpose.

I will give you access to the Purpose Discovery Workbook, a step-by-step guide to defining your purpose in one sentence without any assistance. You will get it at the end of this post.

2. Perception (Vision) 

Vision is having a clear mental picture of the future. It is the ability to see beyond what is and see what could become. It’s not enough to know why you were created, you must see the future now because you cannot arrive at a future you have not seen.

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3. Potential (Ability) 

The next key to personal success is your potential. Your potential is all you could do that you haven’t done yet. They are your hidden abilities, talents, and undeveloped skills.

Your potential is given to you to fulfill your purpose. The more you work at releasing and maximizing your potential, the closer you come to the fulfillment of your purpose and success.

4. Passion (Desire)

Passion is having strong enthusiasm toward a particular cause. It is a driving force that keeps an individual committed to, and energized by the pursuit of a cause. 

Passion means that no matter how tough things are, what you believe is bigger than what you see. If you aren’t passionate about the pursuit of your vision, you can’t become successful. Passionate people have discovered something more important than life itself.

5. Principles (Laws) 

Principles and laws are guiding rules that control actions and state the jurisdiction within which function can take place. To become successful, you must possess personal principles and laws for your life.

If you are open to doing everything, you will not achieve your vision. Fulfillment of vision requires the sacrifice of what is popular or pleasurable for what is required and expedient. You must clearly define what is right and wrong for you as defined by your vision.

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6. Planning (Strategy) 

The sequential arrangement of your priorities is what is called planning. It is charting the steps to take you from where you are to where you should be. 

God gives the vision but He expects you to come up with strategies toward that vision. He guides and plans and orders your steps but He doesn’t plan for you. Prayer cannot take the place of planning. Instead, you are to commit your plans to God in prayers for fulfillment.

Here is a step-by-step guide to planning your life for success by Dr. Myles Munroe..

7. People (Influence) 

The people who influence your life can either move you towards personal success or failure in life. If you have a clearly defined vision for your life but do not have the right people to help you achieve that vision, it will not be fulfilled.

To become successful, the people that influence you must both progressively mold the person you become and assist you on the journey to fulfilling your vision.

If you are finding it difficult to make and keep friends, here are 51 possible reasons why you can’t make friends.

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8. Persistence (Commitment) 

Your success in life will not come overnight. You have heard that severally but you must believe it and begin to live with that consciousness. Obeying the laws of success we have seen so far does not mean you will become successful 2 months later. It takes a period of commitment to pursue the vision.

The Bible says the vision will only speak after it tarries. The fact that you aren’t seeing results yet does not mean something is wrong. But if you keep uprooting a tree and changing its location because there are no fruits yet, you will only destroy its potential to bear fruits that it would have borne if you waited.

You must remain persistent to become successful! It is a law and God is subject to it although He loves you.

9. Perseverance (Dedication) 

Perseverance is a commitment but commitment in the midst of challenges and crises. Challenges, limitations, and discouragements must come on the journey to personal success. It is a promise God gave us the same way He promised His love and blessings.

Crisis prepares and opens you up to new seasons and promotions but they will only come at the end of the crisis. If you do not endure through the crisis, you won’t receive that promotion, and the purpose of the crisis will be defeated.

10. Prayer (Spiritual reserve)

You cannot fulfill your purpose without God. Prayer is the spiritual reserve that keeps you in connection with God to keep making your purpose clearer, directing your steps, and strengthening you through the journey.

Prayerlessness is pride and a declaration of independence from God. It is telling Him you can do His works without Him. But because the connection with God is a law, whenever you separate yourself from God, you abort your vision.

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These are the 10 keys to personal success. These laws are built into life and are failure-proof. Because you read this far, I want to give you Lifetime Access to over $1000 worth of mentorship materials from Dr. Myles Munroe on purpose, leadership, success, wealth, and the Kingdom. It contains the Successful Life Calculator and Worksheet, as well as the Purpose Discovery Workbook I promised you. Get full access here.

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