10 Best Marriage and Couples Counseling in Springfield, MO 2023 [UPDATED]

Want to visit a marriage and couples counselor in Springfield and don’t know which to choose? We have done the work for you. There are countless couple counseling and marriage therapist services in Springfield alone with everyone claiming to be the best.

While there are those working round the clock, upgrading their skills, and going all out for clients, there are those who are licensed practitioners (LMFT) but still offer poor services. Here are the 10 best marriage therapy and couples counseling services in Springfield, Missouri.

Disclaimer: All services recommended here are verified and chosen based on research and clients’ feedback. However, their positioning on the list might be influenced by an individual firm’s marketing strategy.

Best Marriage and Couples Counseling in Springfield, MO

1. All-Star Marriage and Couples Coaching, Springfield MO

All-Star Marriage and Couples Coaching is one of the best marriage counseling services available in Springfield Missouri State. They are a marriage-only focused firm with experienced licensed counselors and LMFT professionals. 

One service that sets All-Star apart from other marriage counselors in Springfield is their men’s coaching service dedicated to making better husbands. This is specifically groundbreaking because there’s little attention on husbands than there is on wives. 

Areas of specialization at All Star Marriage and Couples Coaching include anger management, anxiety, behavioral issues, betrayal trauma, coping skills, depression, divorce, family conflict grief, infidelity, life coaching, life transitions, parenting, relationship issues, self-esteem, sexual abuse, spirituality, stress, women’s issues.

All-Star also offers online marriage counseling services globally.


All-Star Marriage and Couples Coaching Springfield MO Contact Info

  • All-Star Marriage at Broken Arrow, OK 74012
  • (918) 212-5330 – Broken Arrow
  • All-Star Marriage at Springfield 405 N Jefferson Ave, MO 65806
  • (417) 228-8520 -Springfield

2. Thriveworks Counseling and Therapy Springfield, MO

Thriveworks Counseling and Therapy Springfield MO is a holistic counseling services firm that will meet all your counseling and therapy needs regardless of the situation. Rather than having just a few counselors trying to fit into every client’s situation, Thriveworks Counseling and Therapy Springfield MO has a wide network of professional licensed counselors with expertise in specific issues you can easily connect and begin a session with.

Thriveworks Counseling is managed by professionals from different industries and diverse backgrounds which makes their entire approach to counseling more real-life focused than counseling theories focused.

Issues handled at Thriveworks Counseling and Therapy Springfield MO include depression, anxiety, grief, trauma/PTSD, eating disorders, addiction, ADHD, LGBTQ+ issues, relationship problems, sexual abuse/issues, self-esteem, sleep problems, and stress among others.

Thriveworks Counseling also offers online call and video counseling sessions and you can easily reach about a hundred professionals through phone numbers displayed on the website. 

3. Christian Counseling Services Springfield MO

Do you prefer to be counseled by someone who is a Christian and promotes biblical principles? Then Christian Counseling Services Springfield MO is where you should go to.

CCS is not a religious organization or church body where you go to get sermons; they are professional and licensed counselors who emphasize the principles of scripture in their practice. So you can be sure of professionalism and ethics.

Christian Counseling Services Springfield MO Contact Info

  • Christian Counseling Services, 1525 East Republic Road Suite A-105, Springfield, MO, 65804
  • Phone: 417-881-9800
  • Fax: 417-882-7413

4. Ozarks Counseling Center Springfield MO

The next best marriage and couples counseling service in Springfield MO is the Betty and Bobby Allison Ozarks Counseling Center. They are also a comprehensive support system that covers all counseling needs. They provide therapy sessions for individuals, couples, families, and groups. 

Sessions with Ozarks will be spent talking about your concerns with a highly qualified professional counselor or counselors who will provide a warm, accepting, and judgment-free environment.

During counseling sessions at Ozarks, your counselor will ask you about your history, learn about the issues you want to address and work with you to create a strategy to achieve your change objectives.

Betty and Bobby Allison Ozarks Counseling Center Springfield MO Contact Info

  • Ozarks Counseling Center 614 South Avenue Springfield, MO 65806
  • 417.869.9011
  • FAX 417.889.6307
  • occ@ozarkscounselingcenter.org

5. Eaglecrest Counseling Center Inc Springfield MO

Eaglecrest Counseling Center Springfield MO is another Christian-focused counseling group on this list of best marriage and couples counseling services in Springfield.

Eaglecrest Counseling Center’s clinicians are chosen for their personal integrity and high moral standards in addition to their education, experience, and skills, bringing together the best that the field of mental health has to offer. 

The team is made up of qualified psychologists, counselors, marriage and family therapists, and doctors who are trained to quickly recognize and treat a variety of common issues, including depression, anxiety, relationship problems, parenting skills, spiritual issues, substance abuse, family issues, ADD/ADHD, conduct/behavior issues, sexual dysfunctions, eating disorders, and much more.

Eaglecrest Counseling Center Inc Springfield MO Contact Info

  • 636 W. Republic Rd. Suite F Springfield, MO 65807
  • Phone (417) 862-8282
  • Fax (417) 862-8805
  • Email office@eaglecrestcounseling.com

6. Hope Source Counseling LLC Springfield MO

Hope Source Counseling LLC provides professional marriage and couples counseling services among the several other counseling services it provides.

Being led by Anne Frost, Hope Source has several other licensed and experienced professional counselors and therapists who have a history of restoring broken marriages and saving shaky ones from collapsing.

Hope Source Counseling LLC Springfield MO Contact Information

7. Psych Associates Springfield MO

Psych Associates is one of the largest, most established, and diversified counseling service providers in Springfield Missouri. The marriage and couples counseling services offered are also well structured and all-encompassing with sessions available for couples counseling, marital therapy, divorce, and separation, and sell as rebuilding after an affair.

Psych Associates Springfield MO Contact Info

  • 1358 E Kingsley St, Suite E Springfield, MO 65804
  • P: (417) 414-0333

8. McGuire Christian Counseling Springfield MO

9. Alpha Omega Delta Counseling and Wellness Center Springfield MO

10. Acceptance Counseling Associates Springfield MO

What Is Marriage Counselling?

Couples therapy, commonly known as marriage counseling, aids all kinds of relationships—married or not—in understanding and resolving issues. It equips couples with the skills they need to manage problems, negotiate disagreements, and even quarrel more constructively.

Marriage and family therapists are trained professionals who specialize in providing marriage counseling. The same mental health treatments are offered by these therapists as by other therapists, but with a focus on a couple’s relationship.

Marriage counseling is frequently only temporary. Only a few sessions may be necessary to help you get through a crisis. Or, if your marriage has significantly worsened, you might require marriage counseling for a few months. You normally meet with a marriage counselor once per week, just like in individual psychotherapy.

Is Marriage Therapy Worth It?

Any couple looking for methods to improve their relationship may find benefits in marriage counseling. It can address a wide range of problems that might arise in a marriage and be useful at different stages of a relationship.

Counseling that supports young couples in developing healthy behaviors and communication early on in a marriage is also very helpful. According to one study, couples who receive counseling before getting married may be more motivated to take proactive steps to keep their relationship strong.

Couples who desire to improve themselves might also gain from this. However, it is only when both spouses are ready to examine their own shortcomings and make improvements, that counseling can be more beneficial.

Couples who seek assistance sooner may have better results than those who wait. Marriage counseling can still be helpful for couples who have reached the stage where they are thinking of divorcing.

Does Marriage and Couples Therapy Work?

Marriage counseling can be helpful when both partners are eager to improve themselves personally and as a couple. However, success is largely dependent on a couple’s commitment to counseling.

It takes two individuals to change the dynamic of a relationship and the two people need to be willing to accept their responsibilities and be committed to doing so. Therefore, even if they cannot undo the past, they have the choice of deciding whether to fix their issues and go on.

Who Is The Best Marriage Counselor in Springfield, Missouri?

The best marriage counselors in Springfield Missouri include All-Star Marriage and Couples Coaching, Thriveworks Counseling and Therapy, and Christian Counseling Services Springfield MO. These marriage counselors provide specialized and tailored services with a client experience that stands them out from the crowd.

How Much Does Marriage Counseling Cost in Springfield, MO?

The cost of marriage counseling varies depending on the therapist and their level of experience. Therapists who don’t accept insurance on average charge anywhere from $100 to $500 per session but these costs often fall between $175 and $250 per session.

When a therapist refuses to accept insurance, they frequently give their customers a “superbill” to submit to their insurance provider to get reimbursed for a specific amount for seeing an out-of-network therapist. The copay for therapists who accept insurance is typical $25 to $30 each session—and many do.

Do Marriage Counselors in Springfield MO Handle Divorce? 

Yes, marriage counselors in Springfield handle divorce cases. In fact, it is highly advised to seek out pre-divorce counseling and post-divorce counseling from a licensed marriage and family therapist (LMFT) or licensed professional counselor (LPC) to understand how to deal with the stages of divorce.

Where Can I Find A Marriage Therapist in Springfield MO?

The single biggest platform that has a catalog of marriage therapists and couples counselors in Springfield is Psychology Today.

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